In today’s world, it seems that convenience drives most decisions.  Nutrition is no different.  It seems anywhere you go, there are endless on-the-go options for food and snacks that are low in quality and lack nutrient density.  Fast food restaurants,  gas stations, and online delivery provide people with so many opportunities to make less than positive decisions when it comes to nutrition.   Often, these decisions result in foods that are high in saturated fat, sugar, and highly processed.

When coaching nutrition, it is hard to break people of these habits as busy lives seemingly leave little wiggle room for meal prep, thinking ahead, and healthy snacks on the go.  Protein bars and protein shakes are the obvious answer to this dilemma.  However, the more variety there is amongst healthy snacks, the more we can combat the countless number of unhealthy snack options available to us in our busy day to day lives.

A new product I have recently discovered is Meat-Snx™.  This is a pretty innovative idea as it is a salty, crunchy snack as opposed to the protein bars and protein shakes that we are all use to.  Meat-Snx™ uses CHIKPRO as their main ingredient – giving the snacks 20g of protein per pack.  CHIKPRO is a chicken protein isolate powder that is gluten, soy, and dairy free and is derived from dehydrated chicken. CHIKPRO in its base form is a powder that can be added to many recipes to enhance protein content.  Meat-Snx™ is one of those products!

In my own description, Meat-Snx™ are a combination between trail mix and potato chips.  Their base consists of CHIKPRO Crisps – a combination of CHIKPRO, Pea Protein, and Rice Flour.  They come in a variety of flavors like Sweet BBQ, Cheese Pizza, Ranch, Sirracha, and even Cinnamon Bun!  These flavors are created by adding basic seasonings with no artificial colors or ingredients.  Their taste and texture is appealing as it satisfies that salty and crunchy snack need which is often hard to come by in the world of high-quality protein snacks.  When we think of protein snacks, dessert flavors come to mind as bars and shakes tend to lean more toward the sweet craving instead of salty.

Meat-Snx™ comes in two varieties which allow it to reach a broader range of people.  Two flavors – Ranch and Siraccha – have nuts (peanuts and almonds) which increase the fat content of the snack to 15g per serving.  This makes it a relatively high fat snack and could appeal to people on a high fat/low carbohydrate diet.  The other three flavors – Cheese Pizza, Sweet BBQ, and Cinnamon Bun do not contain nuts keeping their fat content relatively low at 6g which would appeal to those individuals who do not eat a very high amount of fat daily.  As a coach, I love this variety, as people have different individual nutritional needs.  Depending on personal needs for that day, this product provides options for many individuals whether they need higher fat or lower fat snack options.  That variety is pretty unique in the world of protein snacks!  In all varieties of Meat-Snx, carbohydrates remain low at 15g per serving (with 6g of Fiber and only 1-2g of sugar) and protein is consistent at 20g per serving.  Many people struggle to intake the appropriate amount of protein per day – and having the ability to snack on something salty, crunchy, and flavorful while still getting 20g of high-quality protein is a great way to provide healthy snack options to a busy, on the go population.

As coaches, we take responsibility for opening our client’s minds when it comes to nutrition and introducing them to new habits that will make their day to day lives better when it comes to what they put in their bodies.  ​Meat-Snx™ is one of those introductions! Let’s continue to fight chronic disease by keeping a variety of healthy and delicious protein packed options available to our members and clients!

-Nicole Roggow owner of Honor Your Nutrition

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