What Is R&R™?

R&R™ is a product you won’t want to go without. The special formula made picking a name very easy for us.

What does it do?
Helps you Rest & Recover.

Who should use R&R™?
Anyone who wants to maximize recovery and increase the quality of his or her sleep. The three most important things you can do to improve your training and results are EAT, TRAIN, and SLEEP. Eat and train all you want but if you aren’t getting enough quality sleep, your results will suffer. Period.


It helps improve sleep!
R&R™ contains natural sleep aids like melatonin, kava kava, valerian root, and magnesium to put your body at rest faster and keep it there longer without interruption. Therapeutic sleep is found in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. The faster we reach this deep sleep stage and the longer we reside in it the more recovery takes place.

Aids in digestion and metabolism!
R&R™ has a complex of digestive enzymes and probiotics. These digestive aids help enhance the absorption and metabolism of your last meal, protein shake, or late-night cottage cheese snack! Normally when we sleep our digestive system also takes a break. This can lower your resting metabolic rate. While you wouldn’t want to take a stimulant to keep your engine revving at night, a blend of enzymes and probiotics can help keep that metabolic rate up and aid in the breakdown and uptake of those important amino acids and nutrients you watch so closely.

Increases natural hormone production!
Sleep is a prime time production for our bodies to release muscle building and fat burning hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. R&R™ contains Cissus quadrangularis, and Coleus Forskohlii to increase the body’s natural testosterone secretion (Cissus is also great for the joints, helloooo recovery) and GABA and L-Ornithine to encourage human growth hormone HGH output. Both vital for recovery and muscle growth for men AND women!
There you have it, three ways to better recovery while you sleep. All packaged nice and neat into one product.

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