Top 5 Supplements For CrossFit

What supplements should you take if you are doing CrossFit?  If you’re reading this we are going to make a couple of assumptions.

  1. You have already gone through your gym’s basic nutrition guidelines or have met with a nutrition coach to square away your nutritional needs.
  2. You are looking to improve your CrossFit workouts so that you can achieve better health and fitness results! (If you are a competitor or looking to compete please see the article “Top 5 Supplements For The CrossFit Open“.

If one of these 2 assumptions describes you, then this article is for you! Here are our top five supplements recommendations to take while participating in CrossFit or functional fitness to elevate your health and fitness so that you can live strong and prosper!

  1. Driven WheyProtein is the most important nutrients for anyone! Protein comes from the Greek word proteios, meaning “primary” or “holding the first place.”  Helping to heal those broken down muscle fibers between workouts is the keep to longevity. The fast-acting proteins in Driven Whey send a rush of amino acids into the bloodstream where they can repair and rebuild your hard-working muscle tissue, speeding recovery time between workouts. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, gaining muscle and losing body fat, then you’re gonna need more protein throughout your day!

  2. B&G™ – For most of our lives, we are all told how important it is to eat our greens! But with our busy daily life, it can be hard to make sure that we are getting enough greens each day. Eating the required amount of fruits and vegetables in a single day is easier said than done. You know your health is important, thats why you took the step into this style of training, but when you have a full time career and a family to provide for picking and preparing the right fruits and vegetables is probably the last thing on your mind. This is why B&G™ is a MUST HAVE, because it provides you with 10+ servings of fruits and vegetables PER SCOOP!

  3. His™ & Hers™ Multivamins – How realistic is it to consume the variety of foods we need to hit our vitamin and mineral requirements? Just like with our fruits and vegetables, we should always aim to get them on our plates at every meal, but that is often not enough! Considering they have the essential micronutrients we need, we may need a little help hitting our requirements. His™ and Hers™ contain Gender Specific formulas that support males (His™) boosts vitality and promotes prostate health. The female version (Hers™) promotes skin health and has added metabolic boosters for more energy and fat burning. Also included is a whopping 2,000 IUs of Vitamin D! Essential for everything from bone health to respiratory health!

  4. Omega Drive™ – The Western diet is heavily tilted away from Omega-3 and toward Omega-6 fatty acids. We evolved with about a 1:1 ratio of Omega-3s to Omega-6s, but today, most Westerners are likely to take in up to 15 times the quantity of Omega-6s. The biggest benefit to fish oil is that it helps provide DHA and EPA, two crucial fatty acids that help keep our brain functioning properly. Issues with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder have been treated with fish oil. More benefits range from brain health, heart health, to joint health! This triple strength fish oil is a must-have to combat the westernized diet!

  5. Blender Bottle – Need we say more? How do you think you’re gonna take these supplements? People may dry scoop their pre-workout, but we have yet to see a successful dry scoop protein powder challenge! (You can try it if you want!). Use your blender bottle to mix up your B&G™ or Driven Whey™ with 4-8oz of cold water, shake it up, slam it down, BOOM you are done!

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