The Science Behind PreWOD

Pre-workouts are designed in many different ways, from high stimulant content to stimulant-free. Most pre-workouts are multi-ingredient supplements with the aim to increase performance in the gym. The truth is though, not all pre-workouts are created equal, nor do they all have the consumer’s best interest in mind.

Let’s dive into the science of Driven Nutrition PreWOD™ Most pre-workouts contain caffeine, beta-alanine, and other performance-enhancing ingredients.

•Increased motivation from powerful mood enhancers DMAE & Caffeine

•Muscle-protecting Beta-Alanine helps boost your work capacity at peak intensity

•Supercharge endurance & removal of fatiguing byproducts of exercise with Citrulline Malate

•Immune system defense from intense WODs with L-Taurine and Vitamin C

Driven Nutrition® uses pharmaceutical-quality manufacturing processes to guarantee purity. Feel healthy and confident outside the gym with clean, gut-friendly formulas

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