After receiving a customers email asking about these two products I thought I’d post up the Q & A we had.  Hopefully this will shed some light on these two products.

The main difference between Dysrupt and Amino?

Dysrupt is our Amino formula.  But we removed the 1gm of glutamine, and replaced it with 700mg of Taurine, 120mg of Caffeine, and a b-vitamin complex. Taurine promotes cellular function during exercise while caffeine decreases perceived exertion and increases pain tolerance while working out. B-vitamins aid the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates to be used as energy. These additions to the amino formula make it a good choice to be taken before a workout.

Amino can be taken anytime of day for added recovery and protein synthesis.

When would you suggest taking these? (both or just one)?

I take Amino during a workout, it’s refreshing and plus the amino’s play a huge roll with recovery, especially Leucine which helps with the protein synthesis when taken after your workout.

Dysrupt, I like to take mid morning and mid-afternoon, it has a nice pick-me-up, plus adding amino’s throughout the day can increase recovery. It double for an evening pre-workout as the low stimulant content won’t keep you awake at night. Of course others may prefer to take theirs at different times of day.

What if you would be taking the pre workout and post workout would you skip both of these products?

PreWod has more of a kick than Dysrupt, plus it has a pump complex, AND beta-alanine to which can help with strength and endurance.  PostWod is a post workout complex of fast acting Proteins and carbohydrates, that are not found in the Amino or Dysrupt products.

It really comes down to budget and your goals.  Both products have a place for sure when added to PreWOD and PostWOD. Here is an example using all four products in a morning workout routine:


PreWod: 20 min before workout

Amino: During workout

Post Wod: Immediately following workout

Dysrupt: afternoon pick-me-up or before evening endurance work.

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