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This day started super early and stressful because when we woke up it was to a thunderstorm and high winds of 25 mph. There was a rain delay in the morning! We were supposed to start our event at 10:35am and didn’t go until 11:30am. We should have placed 4th overall, but the scoring got messed up and they gave us 8th place. We appealed it numerous times, but the scores were all wrong and they didn’t know what to do except keep everything as is. We were disappointed after all that and we saw a video of the finish and they saw we were 4th, but they said they were going to follow with all the times. Our next event was going to start at 2:30pm so I hurried back to the hotel because I forgot my shin sleeve for rope climbs. I got back to the hotel and was so fatigued I fell asleep for 40 minutes. I needed more, but needed to get back to the venue because we were supposed to be getting ready to warm-up. I got back to the venue and they told us we were not going to be going until 5pm. Yikes! I tried to find a relaxing place to sit, which I did, but was anxious to get going and not sure if the time was accurate I kept checking with the athlete area to make sure we were not going to miss our heat. It worked out fine, but we were all ready to be done for the weekend. I am so pleased with my team this weekend. We had a blast and memories were made that I will never forget! I hope they don’t forget me when I will not be able to compete with them for a while. We finished up at 5:30pm and I was relieved, but again so exhausted. We all wanted to stay and watch Brooke Wells and the individuals compete so we stuck around at the venue and I got terrible indigestion because I stopped worrying about hydrating and nutrition. Brooke got 1st overall and I am so proud of her. She has worked so hard to get where she is and deserves all the accolades she is given. I was going to go out and eat with everyone to celebrate, but I am too tired! I guess that’s what getting older does to one. I had a great and memorable Wodapalooza and am excited to tell our baby about the competition he/she did when he/she was in my belly!

On Tuesday, Jan 19 I am going to be 12 weeks pregnant and only have 1 more week to conclude my first trimester. I cannot believe how fast it is going. I compete at a local competition with two girls from my gym. I absolutely love competing in these competitions! Its so challenging and I learn about myself in every competition I perform. After this next competition I think I am going to be done competing. I am still debating whether or not I should do the open. The best part about this next competition is that I will be 14 weeks and they want me to wear a crop top. Haha. I can’t wait for those pictures!

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