"Driven Nutrition exceeds my expectations when it comes to the products they offer and the level of integrity their athletes exemplify."

Sierra Scheffer

Kalispell, MT

Sierra is fueled by her passion to learn about the body and how our mindset and habits can have an impact on our progress towards our physical and mental health goals. Her main priority is to inspire others to focus on our body’s capabilities rather than looks alone. She hopes that young women will look past social media “norms” and find inspiration through REAL ROLE MODELS and POSITIVE FEMALE INFLUENCES. In addition to being an International Elite Powerlifter (USPA), she is certified as a personal trainer, CFL-1 coach, sports nutrition specialist, and a USPA powerlifting coach.

She has helped so many people, both men and women, learn how to incorporate good eating habits, lifestyle changes, and how to sustain those new behavioral habits. She is not just a nutrition coach or a personal trainer, she is someone that you can go to for support and advice in any aspect of your life. She will be your biggest supporter and motivator because she truly cares about your success. Her personal background in bodybuilding, Crossfit, powerlifting, and motherhood helps her relate and create a one-of-a-kind coaching experience for her clients.

As an athlete, she is ready to hit some new PR’s & grow the sport of women’s powerlifting in her home state of MONTANA as well as worldwide.

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Sierra's Favorite Products

  • Lemonade DYSRUPT®

    DYSRUPT® – Energy & Amino Drink Mix Vegan – Plant Based

    $39.99 or $39.99 $35.99 / month
  • 2lb Driven Whey Chocolate

    2LB DRIVEN WHEY™ – Whey Protein

    $45.99 or $45.99 $41.39 / month
  • Driven-Nutrition-BG-Wod-Berry-Front.jpg

    B&G™ – Berries & Greens Superfoods Vegan – Plant Based

    $45.99 or $45.99 $41.39 / month
  • Driven RR Front

    R&R™ – Rest and Recovery Sleep Support

    $49.99 or $49.99 $44.99 / month

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