Now that you’ve been introduced to Driven Nutrition®, it’s time to answer “why”. You’ve got options in the supplement industry, and I’m guessing you take supplements already.

With Driven™, you have an opportunity to support your box in a way that fosters its growth and long-term success while making very small and simple changes to your regimen. As a Coach, your attitude and actions have a huge impact on your box and your community. Members watch and listen to you. They trust you. You know your members better than almost anyone. Who better to recommend products that will benefit them and support their nutritional needs and fitness goals?

Driven Nutrition® created its entire business model around helping boxes succeed and grow, with remarkable products manufactured in cGMP facilities. No other supplement company in the world can make that claim and back it, but Driven™ can provide example after example of its success in this area. Here’s how we do it:

· Product Quality and Diversity – Driven™ offers a huge variety of products (46 SKUs at this time), with 22 different proteins that taste amazing! We set our Affiliates up to succeed financially from the very first order, so they can quickly grow their retail business, improve their financial standing and strengthen their community.

· Exclusivity – Driven™ works exclusively with affiliated boxes, and each box is vetted to make sure the partnership is a good fit. We maintain high standards so our Affiliates can be proud to be partnered with Driven.

· Loyalty – Driven™ is fiercely loyal to the community and its Affiliate owners. By controlling 100% of our distribution, we can control who offers our products, and we never allow our Affiliates to be undersold by web sales. While our products are available to the public via the web, including directly from, most boxes can and do offer their members a discount.

· Training ­– Regardless of how great our prices are and how awesome our supplements taste, Driven™ recognizes that a retail business doesn’t build itself. We also know most box owners and coaches may be new to (and uncomfortable with) the sales process. Driven™ takes the pressure off its Affiliates by providing a simple, proven, step-by-step process to starting and/or growing a retail business that removes the fears and barriers of most boxes. In addition, we make ourselves easily available and encourage our Affiliates to contact us with questions, concerns and feedback. All Affiliates have my email address and personal cell phone number (417-234-9196), and I welcome and encourage consistent communication.

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