Wednesday’s during nutrition month are healthy recipes and here’s a great one for Protein Ice Cream Sandwiches.

1 scoop of your choice of Driven Whey or Driven Casein Protein Powder
1 tsp of Peanut or Almond Butter
A bit of Vanilla Extract (optional)
Fat-Free Frozen Cool Whip

Preheat oven to 350. Add the protein powder, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and slowly add water until it thickens into a dough-like mixture. Place a cookie sheet on a pan, spray some oil on it so it doesn’t stick, and you can roll the dough into balls and then flatten them out on the cookie sheet. DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN BALL FORM, they won’t flatten like regular cookies. Once the oven is ready, place the pan in the oven for about 7 minutes. Take them out and place them in the freezer for about 5 minutes to harden. Take them out of the freezer, add as much fat-free frozen cool whip as you want and enjoy it guilt-free!

Here’s a bit of information if you’re not familiar with whey or casein protein:

Both whey and casein are dairy-based proteins that contain a high amount of amino acids. Whey is a fast digesting protein that is anabolic (muscle building). Casein is a slow digesting protein that is anti-catabolic (helps prevent muscle breakdown). Typically some will take whey protein as a supplement in addition to the protein they are getting from whole foods such as chicken, salmon, ground beef, etc. Since it’s fast digesting it is more commonly consumed before, during, or after a workout.

Casein is better taken when your body is “fasting” like right before bed, that way it’s helping protect your muscle gains while you sleep or when you go a long period without eating. Also if you’re looking to lose fat, it promotes “fullness”, which can help hold off hunger.

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