Breakfast Bowls {pretty much every morning} :

What you need :
• 40 G Hot Oat Bran {OR oatmeal if you prefer}
• 30-35 G Protein {Driven Whey chocolate or vanilla}
• Fruit of Choice {strawberries, blueberries, raspberries &/or blackberries, etc}
• 15 G Granola – {Cranberry Maple Nut or your choice}
• 15 G Big Granola Clusters {Cranberry with Chia & Flaxseed, Kroger}

How to :
• Step one : Cook Oat Bran {follow directions}
• Step two: Add protein AFTER oat bran is cooked. Add a little water as you mix to make sure that it is well blended. {note: not all proteins will mix well, and if you add the protein before cooking the oat bran, it will NOT taste the same}
• Step three: Add fruit + granola
• Step four: Smash

If you struggle to hit your protein goal, this is an easy way to get an extra 25-30g in for breakfast, and it’s super delish!