Whey Sample Kit (12 Pack)

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Get a sample pack that includes 2 of each available flavors of Driven Whey for a total of 12 sample packs.

Driven Whey™ - ​​Delicious, easy-to-digest whey protein you’ll actually enjoy taking.

Your body literally can’t create new muscle without protein. Research proves that taking protein before and after workouts is the best way to speed muscle tissue repair and gain more lean muscle. Whey is the go-to protein to take after your WOD because it’s absorbed faster than other forms of protein. And Driven Whey™ also includes a full array of vital BCAAs and other amino acids to fuel your muscle growth.

  • Actually enjoy taking your protein with our complete range of delicious flavors
  • Avoid uncomfortable, embarrassing digestive problems so you can feel good in and out of the gym
  • Get more results from less product, thanks to cold whey processing, may give you more protein per serving, and more servings per container than other brands
  • Build new muscle faster and easier by giving your body the protein and aminos it needs in one convenient mix
  • Protect the muscles you’ve already built, because the naturally occurring amino acids in Driven Whey™  may help keep you out of the catabolic state during your WOD
  • Benefit from the superior nutritional profile
  • Easily stack Driven Whey™ thanks to its low-carb formulation, or use it in low-carb recipes like mug cakes

Whether your goal is to increase muscle mass, lose weight, burn fat or just add pure, lean protein to your diet, Driven Whey™ is the optimal supplement to help you meet your performance goals.

Mallory Driven Whey Gym
Drinking Driven Whey Mallory

Why Driven Whey Is Superior 

The complete protein solution
The resistance exercises in functional fitness turn on your body’s muscle protein synthesis mechanism(mTOR). Intense workouts shred muscle fibers, and your body wants to repair that damage as soon as possible.

Making the most of this anabolic muscle-building state requires two things:

  • Protein (preferably in an easy-to-digest form)
  • Branch chain amino acids, or BCAAs(Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)

Driven® Nutrition’s Whey Protein combines both of these essential muscle-building ingredients in one delicious, easy-to-digest powder that dissolves quickly and completely.

A clean, delicious formula 
Driven® Nutrition’s cGMP and ongoing batch testing guarantee purity, and our clean, gut-friendly formulas help you feel good in and out of the gym.

Best of all, Driven Whey™ Protein comes in a variety of truly delicious flavors you’ll really enjoy…without any of the chalkiness, grit or stomach upset of other brands.

Driven Whey™ is the optimal supplement to help you meet your performance goals.

23g of fast digesting, highly bioavailable whey protein was used to quickly start repairing muscle tissue that was broken down during your workout.
Driven Whey™ not only has grass-fed whey, it also includes 5g of BCAAs per serving.
Driven Whey™ is an ideal source of whey protein you can enjoy anytime you need a healthy snack or want to boost the protein content of a meal.

Driven Whey™ helps repair muscle tissues, wich speeds recovery and maximizes muscle growth.

Driven Whey Dosing

Add one (1) scoop to 6 to 8 ounces of water and shake well. Consume 15 minutes prior to workout. For optimal results, stack with GlycoDrive™.

What Others Have To Say About Driven Whey™


"Great Taste!"

“When our gym first ordered Driven Nutrition we sampled all the flavors of protein. They all mixed really well and were true to their name/flavor – some too sweet tasting for me. But those that like a strong flavor loved it! Strawberry has been a big seller for us. I’m partial to Chocolate.”

Whitney Rolf – Co-Owner Reebok Crossfit Carolina Coast

Tyler Bennett CrossFit SRC

"Amazing taste!"

“Amazing taste! Hands down some of the best protein on the market. This is our biggest seller in at CrossFit SRC. We have even posted several recipes using the Driven Whey. Go check them out in the “recipes” section.”

Tyler Bennett – Owner CrossFit SRC

Driven Whey™ is an ideal source of whey protein you can enjoy anytime.
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11 reviews for Whey Sample Kit (12 Pack)

  1. Samantha Lynch (verified owner)

    The sample kit is a great way to sample all of their flavors. If you are like me and have had bad experiences with the taste of protein powders after buying a large container, and being stuck with it tasting awful, then you are more likely to appreciate this sample kit. The only issue I ran into was that I was not given all the flavors promised in the description. I did reach out to customer services and they were more than happy to put in an order to send me the flavors that were out of stock when they become available in the next weeks time frame. The flavors so far have been great! They actually taste good, and is something I look forward to each day.

  2. Samantha Lynch (verified owner)

    I bought the sample kit, that was to come with 2 of each flavor offered. If you are like me and like a variety, or just being able to sample flavors before completely committing to one kind, this is the a great option! Nothing is worse than buying a container of protein powder to discover it leaves a bad taste, and being stuck with it for the rest of the month. The flavors in this sample kit have all been amazing! You actually look forward to picking a flavor each day, as they all taste so good! I did have one issue, and that is they were out of some flavors, so they gave more samples of the other flavors. In the description it states you get 2 of each flavor. I reached out to customer service, as no one reached out to me with these changes. They were happy to put in an order for the ones I missed out on when they become available back in stock, at no extra cost to me.

  3. FRANCES LYNCH (verified owner)

    i bought this as my gym has had these to try and like every flavor i tried there so i ordered the sample to try more flavors and have loved each flavor ive tried. they are not gritty at all and i enjoy drinking each one rather than the ones i had previously been taking. will definitely order more.

  4. arpitha (verified owner)

    The sample kit is really helpful if you are new to their products, want to try all their flavors and figure out which one works best for you. There are two samples of each flavor. I loved the vanilla and strawberry milkshake flavors . I don’t like very strong flavors – these are perfect for me. All the flavors taste great but these are my personal favorites. I have tried a lot of whey protein powders in the past and ended up with digestive issues. I did not have any issues with these, having a sensitive stomach I am more than happy I found these. Blends well with both milk and water- does not cause any lumps,etc.

  5. KIMBERLY HASTINGS (verified owner)

    I’m so glad that I decided to try these! The flavors are awesome – not overly sweet and not artificial tasting at all. They mix great with smoothies or simply with some water and non-dairy milk. They do not bother my stomach at all! I love being able to sample the flavors, although it will be difficult to decide on which one to commit to 😉 I was incredibly pleased with how fast they shipped/delivered and with customer service. I will absolutely be purchasing more from Driven Nutrition!

  6. Sarah Welch (verified owner)

    This kit is a great and affordable way to try all the different flavor options. I’m still working my way through the kit, but every flavor I’ve tried is delicious, mixes well, and my body hasn’t had any digestive issues. I also really liked the way the kit was packaged and shipped.

  7. Clara (verified owner)

    This pack is such a great way to try all the flavors before committing to a larger container. I like mixing a little into my coffee in the morning in place of sweetener and they mix perfectly – cinnamon roll and caramel latte are my favorite so far with coffee. I really am amazed at how well they all mix in- no clumps at all. It’s hard to not have clumps/chalkiness when mixing with hot coffee, but this does it! I can’t wait to try other products!

  8. Ashley Knudson (verified owner)

    Great way to sample all the flavors! This is my first time trying any Driven products and it’s great to have this option. So far, caramel latte is my favorite (especially in coffee) but I will keep trying the rest!!

  9. Siera (verified owner)

    Great way to sample all the flavors without having to buy an entire container without knowing whether or not you will like it. All of the flavors are good but the vanilla dream and caramel latte are my favorites!

  10. LeeAnna McNulty (verified owner)

    The sample kit is a great way to figure out what flavors are the best. I love to mix my protein with almond milk and the consistency is so smooth. I love this protein and will be buying a full size product!!

  11. Marlow Hicks (verified owner)

    These sample packs are such a great idea! We’re able to let members try before they buy this way and it is greatly appreciated!

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