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R&R™ was designed by DRIVEN NUTRITION® to improve sleep quality, aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and increase natural hormone production. A good night’s sleep is vital to your recovery, even more so when you exercise at a high level of intensity. Use R&R™ to supplement both cardio and muscle building programs. It’s your secret weapon for the best in rest and recovery!*


Q. Can I use R&R even if I sleep during the day?
Yes, R&R will support your sleep/wake cycle whether you sleep during the day or evening.

Q. Can I use R & R with my prescription sleep aid?
Please consult with your prescribing physician concerning this question.

Q. Will R & R knock me out?
No, R&R is formulated to help you relax so sleeping is more likely and more efficient.


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What is R & R

It helps improve sleep!
R & R contains natural sleep aids like melatonin, kava kava, valerian root, and magnesium to put your body at rest faster and keep it there longer without interruption. Therapeutic sleep is found in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. The faster we reach this deep sleep stage and the longer we reside in it the more recovery takes place.

Aids in digestion and metabolism!
R & R has a complex of digestive enzymes and probiotics. These digestive aids help enhance the absorption and metabolism of your last meal, protein shake, or late night cottage cheese snack! Normally when we sleep our digestive system also takes a break. This can lower your resting metabolic rate. While you wouldn’t want to take a stimulant to keep your engine revving at night, a blend of enzymes and probiotics can help keep that metabolic rate up and aid in the breakdown and uptake of those important amino acids and nutrients you watch so closely. Read more…

The Winners Sleep

We spend a third of our lives asleep. During that sleep a great deal of recovery and rebuilding takes place. It is the most important non-training time of recovery. Growth Hormone and testosterone are naturally secreted during sleep, nutrients are delivered to resting muscles allowing them to repair, your brain recharges so you can wake up motivated an focused on a new day. 

While it would be nice if we could all sleep fantastic and get 8-9 hours a night the truth is probably far from it. While we can’t buy you more time to sleep we can help you maximize the recovery and quality of sleep you get in time you have. R&R was created to do just that! Read more…


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