PreWOD™ – Pre-Workout Drink Mix

(74 customer reviews)

$45.99 or $45.99 $41.39 / month

“This is my go-to energy supplement. Potent and effective without a ton of water in my stomach.”

  • Boost Mood & Mental Energy* – Powerful mood enhancers DMAE and easier-absorbing Caffeine Anhydrous help keep you motivated.
  • Complete More Reps & Recover Faster* – Muscle-protecting Beta-Alanine helps boost your capacity to build lean muscle mass at peak intensity.
  • Supercharge Your Endurance* – Citrulline Malate helps supercharge endurance and fight fatigue by improving blood flow, regulating nitric oxide (NO), and reducing ammonia and lactic acid, the byproducts of protein metabolism that can cause burnout and soreness.

Go harder, go longer, and get better results from every rep with PreWOD™

PreWOD™ Pre-Workout Supplement in 3 Delicious, Easy-Blending Flavors

Go harder, go longer, and get better results from every rep with PreWOD™, the delicious supplement scientifically formulated to boost endurance, create massive energy and maximize blood flow while protecting your body from the effects of peak-intensity aerobic and anaerobic exercise during your workout of the day.

  • Complete more reps and recover faster between sets with powerful amino acids
  • Supercharge your endurance with fatigue-fighting natural extracts
  • Boost your mood and mental energy with safe stimulants
  • Stay fit and prevent down-time with antioxidants and immune boosters
  • Feel healthy and confident outside the gym with clean,gut-friendly formulas

PreWOD™ helps you bring the beast to every workout…even before you get to the gym. This essential pre-workout supplement helps you get the most out of every minute you invest in your WOD and helps protect you from gassing out and giving up before you’ve completed all your sets.

Powerful mood enhancers DMAE and easier-absorbing Caffeine Anhydrous help keep you motivated. Muscle-protecting Beta-Alanine helps boost your capacity to build lean muscle mass at peak intensity.

Citrulline Malate helps supercharge endurance and fight fatigue by improving blood flow, regulating nitric oxide (NO), and reducing ammonia and lactic acid, the byproducts of protein metabolism that can cause burnout and soreness.

Immune boosters L-Taurine and Vitamin C help buffer your immune system from the impact of even the most intense WODs.

Like all our CrossFit-friendly workout supplements, PreWOD™ is a finely milled powder that dissolves completely and easily, even in a shaker bottle. There’s no leftover grit or weird texture.

Driven Nutrition® uses pharmaceutical-quality manufacturing processes to guarantee purity, and our clean formulas help prevent an embarrassing gastrointestinal upset.

PreWOD™ helps you bring the beast to every workout...even before you get to the gym.*

PreWOD™ contains 200mg of caffeine anhydrous, about the same amount of caffeine in a large cup of coffee.
PreWOD™ also contains 1500mg of Beta-alanine a nonessential amino acid and the building block of carnosine in the body.
Each container of PreWOD™ contains 50 servings. (300g / 10.58 oz)
Driven PreWOD™
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PreWOD™ creates massive energy and brings the drive deep into even the most brutal workouts.

Dosing Artwork PreWOD

Mix one scoop with 4-6 ounces of water and shake. To assess tolerance, begin by taking ½ scoop and increase daily, as tolerated, up to one full scoop.

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What Others Have To Say About PreWOD™

Ryan Disterheft

"Great Taste!!"

“The flavors are all awesome !! My favorite is Cherry Lime for Time. Energy is solid along with the ability to get through Cardio taxing workouts. Not crashing afterward is a really important benefit of PreWOD™. Members at CrossFit CAJIR enjoy this product.”

Ryan Disterheft – Owner CrossFit CAJIR


"Great Pre-Workout"

“I have spent a decade seriously training and tried a few pre workouts here and there, but didn’t like anything I tried. This pre workout is great, taste good, and gives you that extra boost in the middle of a training session.”

Stephen Thompson – CrossFit Quo Vadis

PreWOD™ helps you bring the beast to every workout.
Order PreWOD™ Today!

74 reviews for PreWOD™ – Pre-Workout Drink Mix

  1. Kyle (verified owner)

    This gives me energy like no other, and tastes amazing! I ordered the Cherry Lime, and could drink it all the time it’s so good.
    It’s recommended to mix with 4 ounces of water, but I don’t do that. I’d recommend at least 10 ounces. But I like to sip on it leading up to my workout.
    Awesome product. Plan on ordering again.

  2. Jason Pilgrim (verified owner)

    The pre wod gives me the added jump I need to finish a tough wod… I mix my watermelon thruster with 8 oz of water for my taste. I am on my second order and defiantly be ordering again. Also I follow up with post wod and I’m ready to go the next day! Try both you won’t be disappointed

  3. Luis De Jesus (verified owner)


  4. Melissa and Clayton Welch

    I’ve used many preworkout over the years and this is one of my favorites. I’ve tried all the flavors and the WOD Candy is my go to. It mixes well, and tastes great. I get a good pump, and it improves my focus and endurance. I stay in the 1 scoop range even though with other preworkouts I usually take 2-3. One scoop is fine. I paired it with their BCAAs and I’ve noticed a significant increase in strength. Great product, great price.

  5. JeepMom

    Little sweetness but definitely gets your butt in gear. I am a 5:30am Crossfitter and not always wanting to hit it hard at that time.. This will help!! with NO afternoon crash!!!

  6. Joshua Kaiser

    WODcandy, good! Name is correct, its sweet.
    Good feel with it

  7. Nathan Dunn

    I really enjoy this product. A nice lift from the caffeine but no jitters. Works equally as well before a 5×5 deadlift or a 10K. Raises my heart rate a little but not too much.

  8. Mike Loving

    Has been a great pre workout, gives the energy and drive I need for a great work out. Shipping is fast and overall customer service is awesome!! Thanks for a world class product!

  9. Norberto Corral

    Wow This product is awesome although it not the best tasting, but it works with no jitters. It only shows the beast in you at the gym love it.

  10. Elizabeth

    Love it xabillion

  11. Zumbamama

    I got this sample and it is AMAZING and so good. I love the taste. ❤

  12. Bob Baard

    Great product. Gives me energy and focus to get through my workouts with ease.

  13. Karen Schultz

    Hands down THE BEST pre WOD on the market!!! Thank you Driven Nutrition – I know your other products are just as good…

  14. Melissa

    Works Great!

  15. Jill

    The watermelon has a GREAT taste. I’m not a fan of the tingles, so I just take a half scoop each time. I don’t get the tingles and it still works well for me.

  16. Kayla R. Koon

    I love this pre workout more than any I have tried so far! And I have tried many. First thing I like is that it isn’s some random neon color. I don’t feel gittery and tingly but it gives me a great boost to get through my 0530 workout. I definitely recommend trying!

  17. Danielle L.

    Great tasting, mixes well. You will notice a little tingling in your fingers when it starts to get in!

  18. Maggie

    Nice flavor and gives you energy for longer workouts. I do not feel an energy level crash like I do with other products.

  19. Meddy (verified owner)

    It’s awesome! It doesn’t mess with my stomach and gives me the energy I need to get through my training!

  20. Joe gephart (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal product. Do yourself a favor and give this a try.

  21. chris orazine (verified owner)

    Great stuff and especially for the price! 50 servings of high quality pre workout that will keep you going whether doing lifting or long endurance workouts. All ingredients and amounts listed as well. Been using for a few months now and still get the same stimulus as day one.

  22. Ryan Disterheft – CrossFit CAJIR (verified owner)

    The flavors are all awesome !! My favorite is Cherry Lime for Time. Energy is solid along with ability to get through Cardio taxing workouts. Not crashing afterwards is a really important benefit of Pre-Wod. Members at CrossFit CAJIR enjoy this product.

  23. Stephen Thompson (verified owner)

    I have spent a decade seriously training and tried a few pre workouts here and there, but didn’t like anything I tried. This pre workout is great, taste good, and gives you that extra boost in the middle of a training session.

    – Stephen, CrossFit Quo Vadis

  24. Whitney Rolf (verified owner)

    This has been one of our top pre-workouts that we have tried. I have had several people say they normally get the jitters with other pre-workouts but feel the right about of energy with PreWOD. Great product!

  25. Joaquin Schoeppner

    After working for GNC for years and seeing proprietary blends it’s awesome to get a great pre workout without any guessing. The pump and focus is really good and all the flavors are the, not to mention the steal of a deal in the price. (Coach at EnchantFIT CrossFit)

  26. CrossFit Mile (verified owner)

    This is my go-to energy supplement. Potent and effective without a ton of water in my stomach.
    -Nick, CrossFit 8 Mile

  27. Paul Hessing (verified owner)

    Driven’s PreWOD (Cherry Lime for Time) is the “go to” pre workout supplement in my gym. Most everyone loves it, but I have found a few people who are sensitive to something in it and they say it makes them feel jittery or strange. If you aren’t one of the few, this PreWOD will do the trick.

  28. Paul Martino (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed adding this product to my pre workout routine. Cherry Lime For Time is by far my favorite and is hands down our best seller. Great taste and mental clarity.

  29. Paul Martino (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed adding this product to my pre workout routine. The Cherry Lime For Time is my go to and is hands down or best selling flavor. Great taste, mental clarity, and PUMP!

  30. Richard Teutsch (verified owner)

    I really love the cherry time for them preworkout. It taste great, gets me through my early morning workout with no crash later in the day. And this preworkout does not give me the tingling feeling that some do.
    Richard – CrossFit 55

  31. Curtis Romano (verified owner)

    I love WOD Candy for my preworkout! It taste amazing, it gets me just the right amount of pump to hit my workout and does not leave a crash at the end! I can drink it even for an evening workout and still go to bed at a normal time! I can’t see myself buying another pre-workout!

    Curtis – CrossFit Axon

  32. Curtis Romano (verified owner)

    WOD Candy is my favorite! Not just in flavor but in results! It taste great, no crash at the end, and gives me just the pump I’m looking for! I can’t imagine trying another pre-workout!

  33. Brett James (verified owner)

    Pre-WOD is a good tasting pre with not to much caffeine. I like WOD Candy but prefer Cherry Lime for Time.

  34. Brandon Eckel (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing no jitters and on point with price
    Coach B @ Carbide

  35. Kim Mina (verified owner)

    WOD candy would be my favorite! It mixes well and Its easy to get down.It gives you a pump without all the jitters.
    Kim Mina
    CrossFit HighBridge

  36. Drew, Gamut Fitness (IG:

    Love this stuff. The best part is that while it has all the ingredients to get you fired up for a workout, it doesn’t leave you jittery or on a caffeine high for hours afterward. Cherry Lime for Time is my fav flavor

  37. Nitro Ultra Max

    There’s definately a lot to learn about this topic. I like all of the points you made.

  38. Ryan Disterheft – Owner CrossFit CAJIR (verified owner)

    That is how I feel after taking Pre-WOD, Like I can tackle any workout. My favorite flavor is Cherry-Lime for time , WOD Candy and Watermelon Thruster are also tasty. Even though Pre-WOD gives you a solid amount for Drive it doesn’t leave you jittery or feeling like you crashed and burned. This should be in every gym bag.

  39. Tyler Bennett (verified owner)

    This is my “go-to” preworkout! I love the Cherry-Lime. Look, if you’re looking for a clean PWO this is it. Just enough for a good metcon without making you want to puke…and I still get a little “tingles” =)
    -CrossFit SRC

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  42. Megan Sturgeon (verified owner)

    The taste is fantastic! I highly recommend this product for energy and focus during workouts.

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  49. Testex 100

    Good post.Never knew this, thank you for letting me know.

  50. Jacqueline Hoover

    For someone with a sensitive stomach, this product was great. Great flavor, great energy at the box for distance rowing workout and no GI side effects. Love the watermelon flavor

  51. sking (verified owner)

    I’m very critical about what I put into my body including and try to minimize my reliance upon supplements in to improve my performance. Both the type and source of product I put into my body is important to me. In the past I had found both in judo, powerlifting, track and field, and cross training that simply getting a full nights sleep served my energy needs. That all changed recently upon starting my new job and getting the chance to see how apt I am working out at 5:30am (I traditionally workout late afternoon/night).

    Walking into the gym a several weeks ago I just didn’t feel as in sync with my body; as if I wasn’t fully awake despite getting 8 hrs in. I’m hyper sensitive to coffee and I wasn’t gonna risk crashing during my commute so I had to look toward a preworkout supplement, but which one. As I said previously, where my vitamins/supplements come from are of high importance to me. I was looking for a preworkout boost, naturally sourced with minimal ingredient that actually fuels athletes not models.

    Seeing product after product containing toxic compounds I had almost given up until I stumbled upon a video of Brooke wells showing her preworkout of choice, PreWod. My interest was immediately peaked. And as I looked at the ingredients and researched the company more I began developing hope that this may be the product for me and took that $39.99 leap of faith.

    Now to the product itself. Customer service is huge for me and says a lot about not only the character of a company but also the character of the men and women that work for it. Driven nutrition has character in surplus. My package arrived within 3 days of me placing my order with standard shipping and much to my surprise including several free samples.

    The following morning I opened Cherry Lime for time and was immediately greeted with a pleasant smell. Knowing my sensitivity I followed the directions printed on the container and halved the supplement dose. I took it ahead of warming up for my Metcon. Taste was great not too sweet not too bitter. Blended very well. As far as potency is concerned I never really felt that the impact peaked, it was more of an enduring wave of energy. That being said, like other reviewers I had consistent energy without the jitters. Felt that I performed better than I anticipated with no crash later that evening. Since that first day I have encountered the same results over the past several sessions. In summation THIS STUFF ROCKS!!! Highly recommend and do intend some of the other products in Driven’s portfolio.

  52. Quinn Patrick (verified owner)

    Gives me that little extra boost while leaving out the heebie-jeebies…..

  53. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    We call this “Go Juice” in our box. I can feel it giving me the energy I need for a WOD, but without any uncomfortable amped-up feeling.

  54. Alex (verified owner)

    I’m an aspiring professional CrossFit athlete, and banned substances are always something I’m on the lookout for. Along with great flavor, clean ingredients, and energy for heavy lifts and long metcons, the right pre-workout is an elusive thing. But Driven’s Pre-WOD delivers. I love every flavor, WOD Candy is the most recent I’ve had and I don’t think I’ll ever have to look for a new pre-workout again. I’ve hit a ton of PR’s and I feel like I always have enough energy to get through my 3 to 4 hour sessions. I’ll recommend this product forever.

  55. Dwayne Dimm (verified owner)

    Everyone loves this stuff. First thing to go off the shelves. Love it because you get a great boost for your workout but you don’t have the jitters and crash like some other brands.

  56. Paul Olen (verified owner)

    i take 3 to 4 times a week on intense workout days. Great boost and feeling. Love the product

  57. Jeremy Augusta (verified owner)

    This stuff off awesome, tastes great and no shakes.

  58. Jamie

    If you’re looking for a product to get you powering through the toughest of WODs, without the crash after, look no further than Pre WOD. Our members have had great things to say about it!

  59. Collin (verified owner)

    Watermelon is a solid flavor, and always gives a good pump

  60. Cesar Bravo (verified owner)

    I do love the boost it gives me for the workouts BUT, the taste is disgusting. The watermelon flavor I can get down but the Cherry Lime flavor, I’ll be giving that away…lol.
    I hope they come out with a good flavor like the Disrupt lemonade, I love that one!

  61. Aurora Preston

    I’ve tried both Cherry Lime for Time and WOD candy and not only do they both taste great but they blend well in water and don’t give me any numb or jittery feelings. The feeling is more “in the zone” than “my head is going to blow up”!

  62. Robert Barnhouse (verified owner)

    I’ve used all different brands of pre workout, I’ve never stocked up more than one container. But I keep wod candy and cherry lime for time stocked up. Best flavors and great after taste, no jitters

  63. danielleholt10

    Doesn’t tear up my stomach like most other pre workouts. Works well, tastes good

  64. CrossFit Constant Conditioning (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, gives a great energy boost with no crash. No tingling feeling like a lot of pre-workout products.
    I cycle between the flavours as they are all delicous.

  65. henrycampos68 (verified owner)

    I’ve taken several pre workouts and this is hands down the best.

  66. Aggie

    The perfect way to kickstart my morning and push thru my OTF workout.

  67. madisonpaigelove17

    Pre wod! Wod Candy tastes amazing and love the way it makes me feel before my work outs!! Amazing

  68. madisonpaigelove17

    My favorite!! Love it!!

  69. madisonpaigelove17

    Love my pre wod gives me the energy and boost I need to crush my work outs.

  70. Flannagan (verified owner)

    I received my shipment quickly and they even sent extras. My gym, Mountain Top CrossFit in Johnson City, TN, is where I seen people using this brand. I wanted to try it and love the taste of WOD Candy and how fine the powder is. It can mix without a shaker. The sample wheys they sent were so good as well. Will be back with my shopping cart.

  71. Jeric Campbell

    Awesome product! Great Taste

  72. Lauren

    I’ve tried a few other pre WODs and not been thrilled with the sort of fake sugar aftertaste. Cherry Like for Time is delicious! I also remember the first time I tried it, before a workout that included lots of burpees and 800 meter runs. I felt like I had a lot of energy.

  73. Nahdja Shaikh

    Just started using this last week and i love it. It’s taste good, mixes well with water and gives me the pump that i need without the itchiness and jitter.

  74. Austin Barney (verified owner)

    Having tried multiple pre-workouts, and a ton of the big brand names, Driven’s is unmatched in its flavor, disolvability and effectiveness. Love having this product in my training arsenal and use it daily before all of my workouts!

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