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“I have tried many of the popular brands, but Driven gives you the best value, since 5mg of Creatine, and many other nutrients are added in…at the same price that “the other brands” charge for just protein and sugar.”

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Recover, Repair and Replenish to Build Muscle

They don’t call you “shredded” for nothing. Post workout, your muscle fibers have taken a beating. And if you don’t take care of them today, they may let you down tomorrow. That’s why we created Post-WOD™, the delicious, clean nutritional supplement scientifically formulated with ingredients to protect joints, reduce stress, repair existing muscle and build new muscle so you can tackle tomorrow’s WOD with as much intensity as you tackled today’s.

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    Protect the muscle gains you’ve made with highly bio available protein
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    Build even more lean muscle mass with the perfect ratio of fast-absorbing protein, carbs and aminos
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    Replenish stored energy and reduce fatigue with fast-acting  carbohydrates 
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    Reduce soreness so you can actually look forward to your next WOD
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    Keep joints comfortable with natural nutritional “lubricants” and antioxidants so you can enjoy life outside the gym
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    Feel healthy—not bloated—with clean, gut-friendly formulas


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4 reviews for PostWOD Post Workout Nutrition

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert (verified owner)

    First off, this stuff is delicious! I have the chocolate flavor and it almost has a hint of mint in there, so that’s a little surprise there but in a good way. As for consistency, I’ve had some post workout shakes that require less water and somehow they end up more watery than this. I’m not saying the Post-WOD is super thick, but it has a good consistency that is better than a lot of other post workout drinks. And finally, this has everything you need in it! Lots of protein for muscle growth, carbs for a quick recovery, and BCAAs to quickly repair muscle damage! Will not be going to a different post workout drink for a long time.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Nielsen (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome! I can definitely tell a difference in how i feel after a workout. Post-Wod gives me that boost I need to hit my evening sessions hard!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    jason.pilgrim73 (verified owner)

    I’m going on my 3rd month of CF and just started on my 2nd Post Wod. 1st one was watermelon this one chocolate. For me I like the taste of watermelon better. As for what post wod has been doing for me, well I can defiantly feel the difference of when I take it verses when I don’t. After hitting a WOD I am wiped out and the post wod gets me back on to recovery. This is a great product that I will continue using. If you haven’t done so you need to give it a try… you won’t be disappointed!!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brenton Roggow

    Love this stuff!

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