DYSRUPT® – Energy & Amino Drink Mix Vegan – Plant Based

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“Very light Lemon taste, actually refreshing after a hard workout!! Originally received this as a sample in a WOD box, loved it so much…”

  • Great Afternoon Pick-Me-Up – Get a mental boost with about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.
  • Supports Muscle Growth* – The pure, clean blend of ready-to-use aminos is absorbed quickly and directly, giving you a virtually “instant-on” switch for muscle building.
  • Blend of BCAAs And Caffeine – gives your body the essential amino acids it needs to both turn on and run the anabolic process. We’ve also included a shot of caffeine for energy and focus, plus Taurine to reduce soreness.

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Smooth energy with DYSRUPT® – Energy & Amino Drink Mix

If you’re doing workouts to build muscle, you need branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) to get the most out of every WOD. Supplementing with DYSRUPT® by Driven Nutrition® gives your body the essential amino acids it needs to both turn on and run the anabolic process. We’ve also included a shot of caffeine for energy and focus, plus Taurine to reduce soreness. Electrolytes aid in proper hydration and a B-Vitamin blend supports fat metabolism.

– Build new muscle faster and easier – by giving your body all the aminos it needs for muscle protein synthesis in one convenient supplement
– Get results faster – because unlike food, your body doesn’t have to work hard at digesting DYSRUPT® before the BCAAs hit your bloodstream
– Get a mental boost – with about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee
– Maintain intensity from your first set to your last, thanks to BCAAs’ fatigue-fighting properties
– Enhance fat metabolism ​a bit of caffeine can help boost metabolism

How DYSRUPT® Works

Essential BCAAs Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine promote your muscles’ uptake of fuel, boost muscle synthesis, suppress muscle breakdown, increase power and reduce fatigue—allowing you to go harder, longer.

BCAAs and muscle-building Resistance training triggers muscle-protein synthesis, signaling your body to grab proteins and construct new muscle tissue. Supplementing with BCAA’s during and after resistance training can increase these anabolic signals, and that’s what you need to get ripped.

Synergistic ingredients DYSRUPT® includes the BCAAs Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, plus Taurine, a compound that promotes skeletal muscle synthesis, antioxidation, and other essential biological processes. We’ve also included electrolytes and a B-vitamin blend to replenish what you lose during a workout and aid in recovery.

Leucine is what turns on your body’s muscle-creation assembly line(known as mTOR). Leucine also drives your pancreas to release insulin(another anabolic substance) and promotes glucose intake into your muscles, helping you fuel up for your next workout.

A better, faster source of BCAAs
Yes, you can get BCAAs from animal proteins like chicken, beef and fish. But it takes time for your body to break down whole foods into macros like protein… and even more time to break protein molecules down into their amino-acid building blocks.

The fast-acting BCAAs in DYSRUPT® are immediately available to your muscles because they so easily digested. So you can time your supplementation for when your body is best able to take advantage of those BCAAs. When you supplement with DYSRUPT®, the pure, clean blend of ready-to-use aminos is absorbed quickly and directly, giving you a virtually “instant-on” switch for muscle building.

A clean, delicious formula to help you feel good about taking the supplements you need for peak performance.

Our pharmaceutical-quality manufacturing processes and ongoing batch testing guarantee purity—and that’s important in the unregulated world of workout supplements.

DYSRUPT® is here to give your muscles what they need and your mind what it wants.

DYSRUPT® provides a BCAA ratio of 2:1:1 and caffeine to maximize your workouts.

Get a mental boost with about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Formulated to keep you focused on your goals right up to the last set, at absolutely ZERO calories per serving, you’re sure to love it.

Get a mental boost with about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Add one (1) scoop to 4 to 8 ounces of water and shake well. Can be taken pre-workout, intra-workout or throughout the day when an energy boost is needed.

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What others have to say about DYSRUPT®

"Awesome afternoon pick me up."

“Lemonade DYSRUPT® is my go to afternoon pick-me up on my way to the gym! The lemonade flavor is very tasty! I highly recommend it.”

"Amazing taste!"

“Recommend DYSRUPT® to all of my athletes who are “too tired to workout” after a long day but don’t want the jitters of a pre-workout. Great energy and recovery boost for anybody. Only drawback is the slight aftertaste.”

DYSRUPT® is an ideal source of clean energy you can enjoy anytime. Order DYSRUPT® Today!

74 reviews for DYSRUPT® – Energy & Amino Drink Mix Vegan – Plant Based

  1. Bird

    No change in energy levels. Also makes you want to gag at the thought of regular lemonade.

  2. JeepMom

    Very light Lemon taste, actually refreshing after a hard workout!! Orginally received this as a sample in a WOD box, loved it so much. Well wiorth the price!

  3. Maggie

    Energy kicks in very quickly and I don’t feel a crash when it dissipates but the taste is not that great.

  4. Whitney

    I love it! I use it every time I have an early morning workout.

  5. Bethany Keane, Woodshed Strength and Conditioning (verified owner)

    This has become my favorite afternoon pick-me-up and offers just the right amount of caffeine to give me a boost for my evening workouts without keeping me up all night. It’s a treat to fill my blender bottle with delicious lemonade to drink during my workouts- I think it tastes great!

  6. Michael Wuest (verified owner)

    Need a quick, refreshing drink during long days at the gym or working out? Check out the lemonade flavor of these BCAAs. It’s like the leading sports drinks without the sugar.

    -Mike, CrossFit COMO

  7. Marcela Perea (verified owner)

    This is my coffee, it does get me into a good state of mind and great mood when I need it.

  8. Nathan Bressner (verified owner)

    Just the right amount of caffeine! I coach/workout in the afternoon after I’ve been at work all day. Dysrupt gives me just the right amount of oomph to give my all without keeping me up all night. I haven’t tried the berry yet, but would rate the grape flavor a 7/10 and the lemonade 10/10!

  9. Brett James (verified owner)

    Dysrupt is a great drink for anytime of the day. It’s just enough caffeine to give you a boost without making you jittery or keeping you up. I prefer the Grape to Lemonade but both are good. Also gives you a nice amino add shot to help with energy and recovery.

  10. Jamie Midthun

    Dysrupt has been the perfect addition to my day…whether I need a little extra energy to get through a WOD or an afternoon pick me up, I count on Dysrupt to get the job done. All the flavors are great!

  11. Erick – CrossFit Constant Conditioning

    I love this stuff, lemon is my go to flavour. I am on the go from 4:30am until 11:30pm keeping our gym running in its early stages. I have this at lunch and it gives me the right kick to keep upbeat for our clients.

  12. Lisa Coleman

    I’ve had Dysrupt in all of the flavors and Fresh Lemonade has been my favorite. I have often mixed it with my Berries n Greens. Dysrupt gives you a boost, but without the jitters. I recommend this for that afternoon coaching pick-me-up!

  13. Whitney Rolf (verified owner)

    I have a pretty high tolerance for caffeine so I didn’t see much of an energy change but often will replace my early afternoon cup of coffee with a scoop of this.

  14. Esteban Rivera (verified owner)

    Recommend Dysrupt to all of my athletes who are “too tired to workout” after a long day but don’t want the jitters of a pre-workout. Great energy and recovery boost for anybody. Only drawback is the slight aftertaste.

    Esteban Rivera, CrossFit PR

  15. Ryan Fulwider (verified owner)

    I have added this Amino to my daily regiment and love the mid day pick me up while adding the Amino benefit. It’s great tasting as I’ve used both the lemonade and now the Berry flavor. It mixes well and is a great mix to go with my greens!

  16. Lori Forrester (verified owner)

    Instead of going for that afternoon coffee, I mix up Dysrupt and a scoop of B&G for the perfect energizer. My blood sugar is more stable and I’m less likely to have that 3pm slump. Makes my afternoon coaching hours go more smoothly.

  17. Brenton (verified owner)

    I use to live off of energy drinks. Now that I found DYSRUPT I no longer drink the sugar-filled energy drinks to make it through my day. A scoop and a half of grape and I’m good to go!

  18. Aaron Brewer

    The blend of clean no jittery energy along with the BCAAs is perfect for inner workouts as well as a nice pick me up during the day. Oh and irs also gluten and dye free!

  19. Kelly Barcol (verified owner)

    I keep this on the shelf in my office. I don’t go to everyday; but when I need it, Dysrupt never lets be down:-)

  20. dawn

    dysrupt is great for pick up throughout the day! We have members that order several a month and won’t go without it. Taste is subtle and very easily mixes with water. [email protected] CrossFit

  21. CrossFit Mile (verified owner)

    a Good moderate amount of caffeine. Not crazy, insane, jittery amounts like some others.
    -Nick, CrossFit 8 Mile

  22. Rusty Mirasol (verified owner)

    Dysrupt has the right amout of “pick me up” to give me a boost without the jitters.

  23. Paul Martino

    I recommend this product to clients who seem to be sensitive to caffeine or to other pre workout products. I will take a scoop if I have gone over my caffeine limit and need just to get my head right. I personally don’t care for the lemonade but the other flavors are good.

  24. Brant Bermudez (verified owner)

    I sip on Dysrupt in the afternoon and I don’t have any crashes in my energy. I used to drink energy drinks and then crash after an hour but not with the steady energy in Dysrupt.

    Brant, EnchantFIT CrossFit

  25. Dan, Kitsap CrossFit

    Nice clean flavor and it doesn’t give me gut rot like afternoon coffee sometimes does. I add a bit more water than is recommended to cut the sweetness.

  26. Curtis Romano (verified owner)

    I don’t like coffee! Lemonade is my get up go in the morning. It is the perfect amount of caffeine and taste like lemonade! It’s also what my wife uses for Pre Workout and she loves it!

    -Curtis, CrossFit Axon

  27. Brandon Eckel (verified owner)

    This Stuff is the Real Deal. Tastes amazing and kicks like a mule. Uhmmmm Yes ill take 2
    Coach B @ Carbide

  28. Ann (verified owner)

    Love the product !

  29. Brian Parana (verified owner)

    I enjoy the taste of the lemonade Dysrupt right before and during my strength training session.

    The added caffeine to the amino acid blend really helps keep me from having too many liquid drinks ahead of my workout.

    Prior to Dysrupt, I would have coffee before my workout and drink aminos during. Afterwards, I’d seem to have to go to the bathroom quite a bit.

  30. Kim Mina (verified owner)

    You need this in your life. If you have days where you just can’t get your head in the game, This can get you there! I didn’t like the grape but the other flavors are on point. You can get away with 4oz of water so it goes down fast, Or you can take it straight no water like some of my athletes do. (don’t try that at home)
    Kim Mina
    CrossFit HighBridge

  31. Drew, Gamut Fitness (IG: @gamut.fit)

    So if you can imagine the preWOD as a supplement that will get you ready to kill a workout, Dysrupt is like a more relaxed version of the same energy. It’s more than a cup of coffee but not as much as your standard Red Bull or Bang (don’t even get me started on those) You want this type of vibe when you’re in work mode. This stuff helps me get into a great flow state and get shit done, whether its working or working out

  32. Aimee Moller (verified owner)

    Lemonade Dysrupt is my go to afternoon pick-me up on my way to the gym! The lemonade flavor is very tasty! I highly recommend it.

    Aimee Moller
    Swift River CrossFit

  33. Megan Sturgeon (verified owner)

    This product is a great seller at my gym. It mixes well with the B&G product. It has just the right amount of caffeine for a great pick me up.

  34. Peter Nellis (verified owner)

    This is perfect for pre-workout or when you hit that mid-day sleepiness after lunch. Perfect boost of caffeine and taste to keep you going!

    Owner, Motor City Crossfit

  35. Kory Ryan

    This is my go-to pre-workout drink before training and will sip throughout the workout. Taste is great, mixes well, and doesn’t give you a big buzz in the head. Really like this product.

  36. Brittany Pray (verified owner)

    I like Dysrupt as a pre-workout as I am too sensitive to the effects of the more powerful pre-workouts. It’s nice that this gives me energy without the tingling skin and jitters that pre-workouts result in. I have recommended to many members at my gym who also don’t enjoy typical pre-workout effects and they love it! The Berry Bash is my favorite flavor.

  37. Ana Lee (verified owner)

    2. Great Amino profile
    3. Can be used as a Pre-Workout
    4. That’s a trifecta right there!!!!

  38. Courtney Carnegie (verified owner)

    This product is a must have to get through the long days! Mid day boost~especially helpful for members doing intermittent fasting!

  39. Jeremy Augusta (verified owner)

    Attached to my gym, we used to have a coffee shop. We had. A product we called enigizer tea. It was green tea with a school of lemon aminos and a scoop of disrupt. We sold it like crazy. Even after we decided to close the shop because it’s a horrible business to be in, we still make this at home very often.

  40. Michael Loring (verified owner)

    I love Dysrupt as something to drink after lunch in the afternoon while I am at work. Especially on days where I’ve coached at the gym or worked out early in the morning Dysrupt is great for making sure I have energy to finish my day strong!

  41. Jeremy Augusta (verified owner)

    This is what you do. Make hot tea, add honey and then add lemon dysrupt powder and you have an amazingly tasty and healthy energy drink.

  42. danielleholt10

    I love this product. It is gray to drink in the middle of the day to keep ya goin.

  43. John K.

    Great pre workout. Doesn’t leave you jittery.

  44. Chris Thorndike

    Great taste and just the right amount of pick me up. Our members love the berry bash!

  45. Madison Love

    I’ve tried the berry bash flavor and it’s fantastic!! Definitely love they energy this gives you.

  46. madisonpaigelove17

    This product is awesome!! Wanna feel like a beast take this for your work out!!

  47. Lyndsay

    I really like Dysrupt for the boost in my endurance during longer workouts. It’s even good for a mid-day energy boost instead of coffee. It doesn’t give you the tingly feeling that Pre WOD gives (which I don’t mind, but I know not everyone likes that). Flavors are good too; bonus!

  48. Justin

    Great flavors. Just the right amount of caffeine for a mid morning pick me up!

  49. Jim Wheaton (verified owner)

    Great pre workout for the intense nature of CrossFit style workouts. Doesn’t spike the heart rate but gives you the boost you need to push extra hard during a workout. I have found that there is no crash at the end either.

  50. Damon Johnson (verified owner)

    Easy energy, doesn’t leave me feeling too amped up or jittery. I use it for a preworkout or just energy throughout the day!

  51. Reagan Prather (verified owner)

    I love the Lemonade Dysrupt. It doesn’t give me that wide eyed, tingling yet it does give me a pick me up WITHOUT the crash!

  52. Jayme H (verified owner)

    Great taste and doesn’t give me the pre workout jitters. I love that I can use it as an intra workout as well.

  53. Leticia Gonzalez dos Santos

    One of the best products I have ever tried. It gives me that extra energy I need before my WOD

  54. Omar Molina (verified owner)

    The taste is very smooth and refreshing. Way better than any other BCAA supp I have tried before. Plus the energy added in gives solid kick to get things done, whether it’s a mid-day pick me up during work or for an afternoon workout. Definitely will be buying more in the near future.

  55. Omar Molina (verified owner)

    Solid amino energy product! 10/10 recommend.

  56. Amanda (verified owner)

    Used this product before an outdoor workout. Kept me energized throughout even in the heat and still had energy left when it was finished. It does have a very strong berry taste but overall a good flavor.

  57. Caitlin Bloom (verified owner)

    This drink gives you an amazing boost! I will drink this mid morning to give myself a kickstart on the rest of the day. It also taste good! Light drink easy to mix.

  58. Genevieve (verified owner)

    Hey everyone!

    So I’ve been working on optimizing my training time and with some questions answered from the team. (Great help btw) They suggested this product! I know I know… how much is too much? But actually this is the perfect pick me up you need for an afternoon workout.
    For me personally, I normally train in the morning and will sometimes train in the afternoon as well.
    But we have work or school, chores and family and sometimes that can zap your energy. Amirite?
    Well, the beverage is the definite go-to!
    The first time I used it my day was long and I already felt the weight of “should I work out tonight”? I took it and once I warmed up it was a steady flow of amazing energy. It definitely wasn’t a high but I felt like my body was able to adjust as I intensified my reps! It was great! Definitely keeping this in my supplement corner

  59. Kris Carr (verified owner)

    I have used Driven for awhile now. They make great products! I have tried many of the flavors they offer, I have yet to be disappointed. I would definitely recommend Driven. I don’t get the jitters or anything from this product.

  60. Becks (verified owner)

    I have never been a fan of pre-workout or any “energy” products. I was fortunate enough to win a contest through Driven’s social media, and this was one of the prizes. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and am truly impressed with how I feel it working when I train – it doesn’t make me feel jittery, shaky, lightheaded, or has me running to pee every 10 minutes. The taste is awesome (not at all artificial, pretty mild and mixes well with their vanilla protein) and it’s easy to drink, and my training sessions just feel strong – I feel like I’m able to push harder than normal, but without any weird side effects. Really pleasantly surprised at the efficacy of this product, and how much it helps me stay strong.

  61. Holly Micheletto (verified owner)

    Tastes Great and gives a good little boost that I need prior to my workout.

  62. Ronald Rossi

    Love the energy pick me up and flavor (Lemon) definitely my go too

  63. Heather Hollins (verified owner)

    I love This product, I use it everyday in the afternoon for a little pick me up before going to the gym. I like the berry and grape flavors.

  64. Daniel Jensen (verified owner)

    I was struggling with drinking too much soda. I decided to give this a try and it worked. It helped me overcome my cravings for a soda by giving me enough caffeine to give me an energy boost. I’ve dropped the excess sugar and now I’m seeing results by dropping a little bit of weight.

  65. Kara Ackerman (verified owner)

    This has been my newest favorite pre-workout! I tried it about a year ago. I seem to have a problem finding one that didn’t get me the , esp when I was training running. My stomach, especially then is sooo sensitive. Dysrupt have never given me the poops or dysrupted my stomach during long runs. This isnow my staple pre workout!

  66. Peter Nellis (verified owner)

    Let’s be real: Having a full-time job and owning a gym can be draining! Dysrupt has been my go-to for a mid-day pick me up, a little energy before a class, or a perfect replacement to coffee. Travels with me everywhere I go now! Whether it be in the office, gym, or on the road, it’s the perfect pick me up!

  67. Andrew Perry (verified owner)

    I am a competitive swimmer and triathlete, I’ve been using Dysrupt as a pre-workout energy drink for about a year and love this product! Great taste, gives me a energy boost but doesn’t make me jittery like some other products do. Also don’t get the big crash later in the day like other energy drinks.

  68. Tom (verified owner)

    I was a long time user of energy drinks until i discovered a way healthier way to get my extra enegy boost
    (Dysrupt ) This stuff has outstanding taste and no crash if you’re looking for some pick me up this stuff is perfect i highly recommend it

  69. Derek Havens (verified owner)

    Great tasting afternoon or during WOD pick me up. Mixes well. BCAA’s are a must.

  70. Ashley Coffey (verified owner)

    Dysrupt is our gym’s go-to aminos. They are more naturally sweet than other brands of aminos that taste artificial in my opinion. Lemonade is personally my favorite flavor!

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