CHiKPRO™ Chicken Isolate Protein Powder



Easily hit your macros with our most efficient and versatile protein supplement.

News flash: Your protein supplement doesn’t have to taste like dessert to work.

Your body needs amino acids to repair and grow muscles. Until now, protein supplementation usually meant yet another boring smoothie, shake or mug cake. If you’d like to enjoy real food—and still hit your macros—CHiKPRO™ real chicken protein isolate is for you.

Use less powder, get more protein with CHiKPRO—you’d need at least ⅓ more of most kinds of protein supplement to get the same amount of essential amino acids in CHiKPRO™ chicken protein isolate.

Avoid tastebud boredom with this flavorless and unsweetened isolate. It’s a perfect addition to savory dishes like soups, gravies and snacks.

Avoid the carbs and calories of cottage cheese while still hitting your macros.

Build more muscle, and protect the muscles you’ve already built, with high-quality amino acids that help keep catabolism at bay.

Avoid the frustrating digestive upset that other forms of protein can cause.

Created from minimally processed real chicken, CHiKPRO™ chicken protein powder isolate is a unique protein that delivers an entire days’ worth of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs) per 100 grams of powder. With 7.51 grams of Leucine—the BCAA responsible for initiating muscle protein synthesis (mTOR)—plus 4.41 grams of Isoleucine and 4.77 grams of Valine,  CHiKPRO™ has you covered when it comes to aminos.


Avoid the frustrating digestive upset that other forms of protein can cause.

Each scoop delivers 22 grams of complete, high-quality chicken protein, of which 100% can be credited to your recommended daily value (DV).
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This product is 100% chicken. Food allergen free! Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, fish-free, soy-free, nut-free.
39 Grams of protein powder needed to get all the essential amino acids of a 50-gram daily value of complete protein.
Chicken Isolate™
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Compared to incomplete protein, complete protein lets you use less to meet daily value.

Chicken Isolate

To increase protein consumption, add desired amount to recipes of your choice.

Add CHICKEN ISOLATE™ to your daily supplement regimen, and discover how easy it is to hit your macros!*

1lb Chicken Isolate
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