Charlotte’s Web™ HEMP OIL: 17MG Hemp Oil/1ML

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$24.99$149.99 or from $22.49$134.99 / month


Not quite sure where to start with hemp extracts with naturally occurring Hemp Oil? This is a great option, and a fan favorite. Twice the strength of our basic Full Strength Hemp (Hemp Oil) extract oil, Extra Strength is an easy addition to smoothies, coffee, foods or taken alone.

  • USA Grown Hemp.
  • 17mg of CBD per mL
  • 28mg hemp extract per 1 mL serving

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Product Benefits:

More than just Hemp Oil: CBD plus other naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more in every serving.

Our premium hemp extract oil is designed to help maintain:

  • Support for normal, everyday stresses*
  • Healthy recovery from exercise*
  • Support a sense of calm for focus*

We use limited, select ingredients to ensure you have the absolute best hemp extract oil possible, with no fillers. Our oils include our premium hemp extract, oil, and flavor. That’s it.


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"I have epilepsy and use CW Max"

“I have had epilepsy most of my life and thus been on rx meds as well. While I’m not sure if CW has decreased the frequency of my seizure activity, I definitely feel a difference in my anxiety, stress and a drastic improvement in my sleep- all of which are possible triggers for my seizures. Being active, I also feel it helps with inflammation and recovery from lifting and intense wods. Highly recommend.”

Tricia Grunwaldt – Owner CrossFit 610

Ryan Disterheft

"Life Changer!"

“I’ve purchasing CW Max for my mother for about 8 months. She was diagnosed with PPMS “Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis”. The treatment protocol that the MD wanted to pursue wasn’t in line with my mother vision of how she wanted to live. CW Max has massively improved her quality of life in many ways. 1st Sleep , she is able to sleep much better which helps here recover from the day. 2nd it has helped her deal with the anxiety of having this type of illness. These factors allow her to continue walking and working out a few days a week to help her maintain her overall health and quality of life. We always keep this product on hand and will not go without it.”

Ryan Disterheft – Owner CrossFit CAJIR


13 reviews for Charlotte’s Web™ HEMP OIL: 17MG Hemp Oil/1ML

  1. Al

    I have been challenged by a sleep/movement disorder for 18 years which required medication that made me too drowsy to function. After so many years the medication was no longer effective. My primary care doctor suggested hemp oil. I did my research and chose CW Everyday Plus. I cannot say how amazingly different I feel to be able to sleep through the night with no movement, and to wake up without the draggy feeling I have felt for nearly two decades! This has been truly life changing for me…I feel like I have my life back!!

  2. Robert

    This is helping with my inflammation, great taste.

  3. Kelly

    Finally found this CBD CW by the Stanley Brothers . Wish it wasn’t so expensive tho.Work well and makes me more calm, helps anxiety, and helps me sleep thru the nite. Since in menopause was having difficulty falling asleep & sleeping thru the nite. Now I sleep so good that I don’t want to even get up in the morning. Thank you Stanley Brothers. Is there a cheaper way of purchasing, like a membership or something. I know that bulk is available but I mean cheaper cost even when you buy one bottle?

  4. Mike

    This is my second order of Charete’s Web. The first order I got was the everyday formula and it worked great, but the everydau plus….not so much. This was really not as strong as the everyday formula. I’m disappointed as this was more expensive and it did not have the same effect. I will not be buying it again.

  5. Evelyn

    I think the small bottle has more strength then the 3.8mg.

  6. Stephen Thompson (verified owner)

    I enjoy taking CBD every night.
    My first experience trying Charolette’s Web, I took it early in the day before a workout and did not like my experience. After reading some information, I decided to take it at night instead – Big difference. I was having some knee pain, inflammation greatly reduced. My sleep is phenomenal. I say you get deep sleep like you took NyQuil or something but have ZERO groggy side effects. I love it.

    – Stephen, CrossFit Quo Vadis

  7. Brett James (verified owner)

    I don’t really have a hard time getting to sleep but if your like me you have a hard time sleeping deeply this is your product. It helps you settle down and sleep more evenly through your night without the hangover feeling melatonin sometimes has.

  8. Drew, Gamut Fitness (IG:

    With all the hype around CBD products I had to try this stuff. I began by taking it before bed. While I did notice some slight changes in my quality of sleep, this is not going to make up for any lack of actual sleep lol. When i began to take a dose in the AM before heading off to work, I did find a much more calming effect and less stress throughout the day. So thats where I plan to use it the most. And to be clear THIS DOE SNOT GET YOU HIGH. That’s what everyone seems to be afraid of. You’ll be fine. I promise 🙂

  9. Tyler (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other CBD products that had some effect, but this one is the best so far. I use the Whoop app to track my recovery and the first night I used it I went from a 19% to 73% recovery. The next night I was at 93% recovery.

  10. Pam Eamranond (verified owner)

    Does wonders to speed up recovery. The mint chocolate also tastes less “Herby” than the olive oil flavor.

  11. Shannan Garcia (verified owner)

    This has been great for helping with recovery and sleep! We are just starting to get a lot of members at the gym trying it and really loving it also.

  12. Jeremy Augusta

    Not only do I use this to recover from my knee surgery but also from my powerlifting sessions. It’s really a product every athlete needs.

  13. madisonpaigelove17

    17mg great taste helps my anxiety and helps me sleep. Great product!!

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