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Enjoy some of Brenton’s favorite products:

• PreWOD™
• PostWOD™
• R&R™

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OVS PreWOD™ - Pre-Workout Drink Mix

"This is my go-to energy supplement. Potent and effective without a ton of water in my stomach."

  • Boost Mood & Mental Energy* – Powerful mood enhancers DMAE and easier-absorbing Caffeine Anhydrous help keep you motivated.
  • Complete More Reps & Recover Faster* – Muscle-protecting Beta-Alanine helps boost your capacity to build lean muscle mass at peak intensity.
  • Supercharge Your Endurance* – Citrulline Malate helps supercharge endurance and fight fatigue by improving blood flow, regulating nitric oxide (NO), and reducing ammonia and lactic acid, the byproducts of protein metabolism that can cause burnout and soreness.

R&R™ – Rest and Recovery Sleep Support

“I love this stuff! I take it about a half an hour before I go to bed and I wake up feeling well rested and good to go…” 

  • Maximize Recovery* – Recover faster by enhancing your digestion and metabolism of nutrients.
  • Improve Sleep Quality* – Fall asleep faster and sleep deeper with a Sleep Restoration Complex.
  • Stay Healthier* – Stay healthier by helping your immune system maintain itself and fight off illness.

OVS PostWOD™ - Post-Workout Recovery Drink Mix

“I love PostWOD™. I take it as a quick snack and after a workout. It’s got all the ingredients I look for in a recovery drink...”

  • Creatine Enhanced* – Creatine was added to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production for strength and force.
  • Replenishes Glycogen* – Fast-acting carbohydrates replenish glycogen levels to restore energy and prepare the body for its next workout.
  • Protects & Repairs Joints* – The high-quality ingredients in PostWOD™ have been shown to protect joints, reduce stress, repair existing muscle tissue, and build new muscle.

FLOW™ - Stimulant-Free Preworkout

“I just received FLOW™ and decided to try it right away. I jumped in with a Hero Workout that had a lot of squats and running. I was extremely happy with how well my legs felt..."

  • Advanced Nootropic FLOW™ enhances mental focus, improves memory, and increases motivation.
  • Stimulant-FreeFLOW™ is a sophisticated, stimulant-free Nootropic (cognitive enhancer).
  • Decreases Lactic Acid Buildup FLOW™ decreases the buildup of lactic acid by increasing nutrient and oxygen transport to muscles; and improves circulation by relaxing and expanding blood vessels, massively increasing the release of nitric oxide, and amplifying blood flow to working muscle tissue.

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