I had a great weekend working the “The Throwdown” this weekend. I was working for Driven Nutrition at the booth and got to see a lot of people. The weather was beautiful and the baby was kicking. I have fallen in love with my son so much this past week and weekend. I am not for sure why now, and not earlier, but I love feeling him kick. I have even enjoyed having my belly rubbed by friends. I haven’t had any strangers come and rub my belly yet. I am sure I will not enjoy that part. It’s a relief and blessing to feel so differently about pregnancy than my original thoughts.

My thoughts are no longer how much weight can I lift or what can I not modify?  My mindset has changed to protecting my baby no matter what. Don’t get me wrong I am still pushing myself working out, but I am much more cautious than before.

This weekend I also finished painting the nursery and organizing Luke’s closet. It actually looks like a fully functional room with no crib yet. I am excited to get the crib assembled with the cute bedding. I know it’s early, but I need to get the majority of the nursery done before Matt’s leaves for Kalamazoo, MI to coach summer baseball. Matt leaves May 26August 15.

I am 23 weeks and at 22 weeks is when I started noticing more pressure and difficulty moving and lifting. Bending over to do Power Cleans or any lift from the floor is getting hard. I am going to have to possibly lift from blocks as my belly gets larger and larger. It’s not as enjoyable to exercise now as it once was. It’s really hard.

My baby shower is coming up this weekend and am looking forward to spend time with my sisters, friends, and family. I love spending time with people and being able to talk about all areas of life. I told my sisters to not do any of the baby games, but they don’t usually listen to me. Oh I hate those games so much. All women want to do is chat and eat anyways. Right?

Alright, some embarrassing moments that happened to me this weekend. If you have children you probably will relate, if you do not have children you will be grossed out maybe laugh, but probably grossed out. If you are a man you have no earthly idea what is happening and grossed out.

So Matt and I were shopping at Kohl’s looking for house stuff and I was mid-step and sneezed and I peed my pants, slightly. I didn’t change my pace, but mad that I couldn’t control the situation. Then a few more steps and I sneezed again mid step and couldn’t get my legs together to hold my urine and completely finished wetting the pants process. I looked down to see if my pants were a different color. Matt asked me if I needed some food or something because he said my demeanor changed. I wanted to get out of the store immediately. I did not tell him at first because I was so mortified that this happened. We left Kohl’s after we checked out and got in the truck and Matt asked me if I needed anything because he thought I was tired. I told him what happened and he felt so bad for me. I appreciated him holding back his laughter until I had gotten home and changed my clothes. He was very sympathetic for me at the time. He asked me if that happens often? I told him I usually can prevent it from happening, but my sneezes were so quick. He then proceeded to ask if he could pick me up some diapers from the store.

Here’s another quick story for you. I was heading to Goodwill to drop off some clothes and I must have not communicated to my brain because the next thing I know I am at the mall. I couldn’t believe I did that. I have never done that before in my life. I am turning into my mother!

People warn you about puberty, but pregnancy? Pregnancy brain and uncontrollable bladder is not a welcome part.

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