PostWOD™, Recovery Salvation just in time for the Open!

Getting sore to the point of deciding “just how bad to I really need to use the toilet” is a right of passage shared by newbies and veterans in the affiliate community. Soreness is part of the game, we embrace it and honestly, would feel a bit cheated if we didn’t have a slight discomfort standing up in the aftermath of a brutal WOD. We certainly don’t want to take any of that away from our sadistic brothers and sisters. What we would like to offer is a little less discomfort, a shorter recovery cycle and some insurance that your efforts in terrorizing your body will be rewarded with some new muscle to show off! PostWOD™ was created to do just that.

Ideal post-workout nutrition macronutrients and micronutrients can get pretty scientific and leave you confused as to just what product should you be loading into your gym bag and slamming down after a workout. We wanted to take the guesswork out of the equation and give one easy to use, delicious tasting reward for your hard work. It can also save some room in your travel or workout bag and keep you from looking like a mad scientist hovering over 10 open bottles and a shaker cup on the gym floor!

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PostWOD™ provides scientifically proven macronutrient ratios of 1:1 protein and carbohydrates. While some sports recovery drinks offer much higher carbohydrate and sugar content, we wanted to maximize muscle building and recovery by keeping the protein level high. Using fast-digesting whey proteins PostWOD™ provides a flood of amino acids to help rebuild muscle tissue that was broken down in your workout. Combining these with fast-acting easily digested carbohydrates quickly replenishes your glycogen levels and acts as a catalyst carrying nutrients that were lost during training. This one, two punch of proteins and carbohydrates is the single most important dietary MUST in your recovery toolbox.

Looking beyond the macros PostWOD™ takes post-workout nutrition to another level adding micronized creatine monohydrate. Time and again creatine has been proven safe and effective at increasing performance and recovery. The creatine in PostWOD™ works synergistically with carbohydrates pulling more water and with it more nutrients back into the muscle cells. This expanded hydrated muscle now can carry a full tank of fuel to rebuild muscle. The best part? You probably guessed it by now, many of those nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids)  lost in sweat energy production can also be found in the PostWOD™ formula.

Hammering the iron, jumping on a wood box and jogging with a weighted vest, sandbag, or whatever apparatus your coach dreamed up, not only taxes your muscles, it is demanding on your joints as well. To immediately address and soothe aching joints PostWOD™ has a joint repair complex with ingredients to both strengthen and decrease inflammation in connective tissue. If muscle soreness leaves you feeling like you conquered your workout, joint soreness makes you feel like it conquered you.

If you head to the gym with destruction in mind make sure you have a first aid kit in your bag! You can’t grow while you’re training, that takes place as you recover after the fact. With PostWOD™ we did the homework for you, providing the essentials to a quick recovery, reduced soreness, and faster muscle growth. What’s your workout worth?

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