Performance Improving Carbohydrate Super Fuel

The Post-Workout Necessity

After your workout, you’ve emptied your muscle’s fuel tank. These fuel tanks contain called glycogen. Glycogen is a series of long chains of glucose molecules. They supply fuel from your brain to muscles and organs. Most glycogen stays in skeletal muscle. Glycogen functions as an immediate reserve source of glucose for muscle. Following intense workouts, we drain much of our fuel. Yet, refueling is necessary after your tank is empty. You need a performance improving carbohydrate.

It’s well known that you need protein after training. This repairs the muscle tissue and puts your body into recovery mode. The quickest way to refuel is to eat carbohydrates. Some carbs can cause gastrointestinal distress. Others spike your blood sugar, which can cause a crash!

If you’re an athlete, you know the benefits of carbohydrates. Without them, performance suffers. Driven™ uses the most advanced carbohydrate on the market. Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin.

Backed By Science

Clinical studies show HBCD lowers stress hormones after exercise compared to other carbohydrates. Its sustained release doesn’t increase inflammation. It then becomes a remarkable performance aid. For high training volume, this combats stressors that hinder your performance.

For instance, HBCD improves endurance while limiting stomach problems. This is why no carbohydrate on the market can compete with GlycoDrive™.

The Performance Improving Carbohydrate

GlycoDrive™ is a stand-alone form of HBCD. This performance improving carbohydrate is versatile. Add it to any Driven™ protein supplement to create your own post-workout. Add it to Driven Vegan™ or add it to your PostWOD™ to improve recovery!

Curious about learning more about GlycoDrive™? 

 Here’s a great video explaining the basics!

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