Optimizing Your Recovery Starts Here

Optimize your recovery! Wanna know how? With Driven Nutrition PostWOD™ of course:

▪️1:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio

▪️Creatine, BCAAS, & Glutamine for recovery

▪️Antioxidant Shield Complex

▪️Joint Health Complex

▪️Glycogen Shuttle Complex

▪️Electro-Hydration Complex

Do you know why you need carbohydrates after training? Taking protein right after a workout is essential. Protein alone will not fill the gas tanks back up. Our body uses carbs to fuel a lot of its systems. Muscles store large amounts of carbs in the form of glycogen, think of glycogen as fuel for our muscles.

A complete post-workout will provide muscle the proper protein and carbohydrate intake to repair, rebuild, and refuel muscle. Going from workout to workout can fatigue you quicker than you like. You may need to fill your gas tanks back up with quality fuel.

Building muscle is easy! It doesn’t happen while you work out; it happens when you feed your body the right ingredients at the right times post-training

Curious about learning more about PostWOD?  Here’s another great article  

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