I get these questions many times a week. Should I do carbs? How much? Will it help or will it make me fat? Won’t protein make me bulky, I don’t want to be a bodybuilder? Is Timing Important? Post workout?
LBM = Lean Body Mass

Check out this research in the chart below. It shows the difference between two groups. One group did the listed Whey protein/carb/creatine supplement PRE workout and POST workout. The other group did the exact same nutrition in the MORNing (breakfast) and EVE (at end of day). Both groups did this nutrition every training day.

It is pretty compelling that the nutrient timing made a big difference. PRE/POST was superior to other times not associated with the workout.

The supplement in this study contained (per 100 g), 40 g of protein, 43 g of carbohydrate (glucose), 0.5 g of fat, and 7 g of creatine monohydrate.

Sounds almost identical to PostWOD doesn’t it? 😀