I did it I finally did it. I kept my heart rate under 160 for the entire workout except for 10 seconds where it jumped to 168. That is an accomplishment for me. I checked my heart rate every round and made sure to rest between each exercise. My workout was a 14 min AMRAP of 20 wall balls- 10ft, 6 strict ring rows, 10 DB hang snatches- 20 lbs. I ended up doing 5 rounds plus 20 wall balls. I woke up sore thinking why is my butt and hamstrings so tight? Oh yeah, I did 120 wall balls. I love being sore, though. I feel as though I have accomplished something.

I had a pretty uneventful evening, but was so filled with joy. Matt and I kept talking about the baby and we practiced using the name instead of baby. It’s so strange to call him by name. When we talk about getting “Luke’s room” ready it is so surreal. I keep getting asked if we named if after anybody in the family and it’s a name Matt and I liked. Ryan is Matt’s middle name and we wanted to carry on the middle name.

I don’t have a lot to talk about today! I am still excited about yesterday.

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