I’m going to put this out there. Words often fail me, and I’m not always great at conveying my thoughts. But this one’s for Mallory…and she deserves to have you read through to the end.

Eight months ago, I approached Mallory about whether she’d be willing to blog her pregnancy experience. I still remember how nervous I was about asking, knowing pregnancy can be such an intimate (even intimidating) journey. The thought of an athlete of her caliber – someone who has competed at the highest levels – sharing her honest thoughts, worries, struggles and joys was compelling.

Mallory instantly confirmed that the idea was solid. She said, “Matt and I were just talking about this last night. I was planning on talking with you to see if I could put a blog on Driven’s site.”

To get started, we agreed there’d be only two constraints or requirements:

Everything Mallory wrote would be raw and honest, and only Mallory would determine whether she’d share her thoughts on any given day. If she felt like it, awesome; if not, no big deal.
I would not change a single word of what she wrote.
I told Mallory to prepare herself for people to reach out, as they’d undoubtedly connect with her through this experience. In an era when marketing is based so heavily on social media, and social media has made it so easy for people to present a fake front (posting only stories that make them seem superhuman, and pics carefully chosen as the best from a photoshoot using layers of makeup-enhancing, teeth-whitening, body-shaping, light-inducing filters to give the impression they stumble out of bed all doe-eyed and glamorous), people are desperate for something real…relatable.

Throughout Mallory’s pregnancy journey, she was loyal to the process, remaining totally authentic about her experience. As difficult as it was for her to talk about issues like body image, training difficulties and hormone changes, Mallory’s authenticity was a shining example of the impact we can have on others when we’re honest.

Mallory has been a member of the Driven Nutrition family for over four years, and her loyalty and selflessness have given rise to a new idea. This one doesn’t benefit Driven or Mallory. The idea is pretty simple, but has the opportunity to make a huge impact on the future of a certain little boy. So here goes….

For all of this week, 8-22 through 8-28, Driven Nutrition will contribute $1 from every single Driven supplement sold to a college fund for Luke Ryan Lawson, two-week-old son of Matt and Mallory. This applies to retail purchases, as well as wholesale Affiliate purchases. We hope you’ll join us in supporting this promotion. We’re beyond excited to do this for little Luke in honor of Mallory and in thanks of the selflessness she demonstrated through sharing her journey.


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