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Today on the show we are joined by John Swanson of Factory Forged. Factory Forged is a consulting company designed to mentor professionals looking to take their business to the next level. His team is dedicated to guiding business owners on their way to attaining their goals and being able to enjoy the ride. When John is not busy at Factory Forged, he is busy running his other businesses including The Granite Games and The Fast Factory. Through all his businesses John believes in helping people realize their true potential and dream of helping others.
We discuss today the many issues and problems that John tackles at Factory Forged. Listen as we dissect some of his client’s biggest problems so you too can learn what it takes to grow your business to new heights.


0:35 – Introduction to John Swanson

3:26 – John’s consulting business, Factory Forged, and frustrating times early on.

7:36 – The difference between the technical and the big picture perspectives

10:47 – How does Factory Forged help gyms grow and become profitable?

14:16 – Do you really need systems and organization charts in a small business

19:52 – What is the “It Factor” and do gym owners struggle with this?

26:54 – The importance of staff retention when running a gym

31:35 – Why everybody needs a coach regardless of your level and experience

36:25 – How to apply as a new client to Factory Forged   Click Here:

38:22 – Where can you find and contact John?

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