3 Stages of Exercise Recovery (And Why It's Important)

When you workout, your body reacts to the stressors placed upon it by exercise. It’s important that we recover to get the best results according to our goals. When we recover, we come back to a better stronger version of ourselves. The General Adaptation Syndrome explains our body’s response to exercise in 3 stages.


Stage 1: 
The alarm stage is the fight or flight stage. This is our body’s immediate response to exercise. Cortisol, the stress hormone releases to meet energy demands. Too much of these stress hormones can lead to muscular/cellular damage.  Your body reacts, causing hormonal changes allowing your body to adapt to the changes.

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Stage 2:
The resistance stage. Your body fights back and adapts to the demands and changes placed on the body. Homeostasis restores and your body begins recovery. As stress continues, your body will continue to resist/adapt to changes and remain in a state of arousal. This can damper the ability to repair and refuel muscle.

Stage 3: 
In the exhaustion stage, your body has been in a state of arousal/stress for a continued time. Often, this state is from continuous under-recovered continuous training. Adaptability to stress and physical stimuli has reduced and stress levels remain high. Conditions are unfavorable for proper muscular and neural adaptations. This can lead to mental and physical fatigue, compromised immune system

Don’t take for granted proper recovery. Take appropriate measures for optimal results. This is why we work out, to see our hard work pay off. Thus, recovery should be a top priority. That’s why Driven nutrition offers the best recovery products for your needs. A comprehensive post-workout recovery, PostWOD™, to aid in recovery and refueling.

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