How much protein can we actually use at one time?

Interview with Dr. Mike T. Nelson

Below is the interview we were able to have with Dr. Mike T. Nelson on how much protein can we actually use at one time.

There is plenty of data to show that protein has many positive effects from increasing lean body mass (muscle yo!) (2,3), assisting with positive tendon changes (stronger soft tissue) (3), to even help recover from injuries (4).

But how much protein do you need?

On the low end, we know that a single dose below around 10 grams of a whey protein supplement is not enough to affect much change in muscle remodeling (5) which is most likely related to the leucine content (6,7).

On the other end, is there a max on the amount of protein you can use at once? Poke around the wild wooly web (8), and there is a myth that you can’t use more than 30 grams of protein at one meal.

Despite multiple shots to the head, this myth is like a Zombie coming back from the dead routinely.

Let’s speculate that you cannot use more than 30 grams of protein at once, just for fun.

You and your buddies go to a nice steak house and you order up a super tasty 12 oz porterhouse steak. This clocks in around 80 grams of protein. – Oh ya!

You are a bad ass athlete who likes steak so you “man up “and eat all of it at once while you high five your buddies upon your man vs. food completion.

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