Give me a break! Sincerely, Your Adrenal Glands

Fatigue got ya down? This can be frustrating especially when all the other pieces of the health and fitness puzzle seem to be in the right place. Caffeine isn’t always going to be the answer and giving your adrenal glands a rest is a bonus.

Constantly pounding caffeine through energy drinks and your preworkouts will eventually start to lessen the effects that sweet sweet nectar that is caffeine will have on your mental focus and drive in the gym. Driven Nutrition FLOW™ is a stimulant-free, mental boosting, endurance enhancing product that will give you the extra kick you need. FLOW™ provides you with the best endurance-boosting ingredients to help you power through your training.


Citrulline normally thought of as a “pump” ingredient, does promote blood flow and vasodilation. This is important in the removal of fatiguing waste build-up and the transport of vital nutrients. FLOW™ also offers mental boosting ingredients like DMAE to increase dopamine levels and huperzine for increased focus during workouts without stimulants. This makes it a great addition to your pre-workout or nighttime workouts.

You’ll love the performance benefits as well! When we train the accumulation of ammonia in blood and tissue and the block cellular energetic processes, causing fatigue during exercise. By expanding the blood vessels leads to decreases in the buildup of lactic acid by increasing nutrient and oxygen transport to muscles. CM has shown synergistic capabilities to increase endurance by malate accelerated ammonium clearance and citrulline facilitated lactate metabolism.

Curious about learning more about FLOW?  Here’s another great article  

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