Alright, so I am having a hard time fitting into my workout clothes and daily work clothes. I have looked online at multiple places, Old Navy, Target, Motherhood Maternity, and Zulily. I have noticed most of the clothes are white, gray, or black. They also have stripes on everything. There is no fashion to maternity clothes unless you want to spend hundreds on one item. Also, most every place besides Motherhood Maternity you must order online, which is frustrating because I don’t know what size I am in maternity clothes. I want to feel beautiful and pretty while pregnant, but instead I am squeezing myself into leggings and bigger size t-shirts or pre-pregnancy tanks. I am struggling with finding fashionable items and most importantly fashionable active wear. I am spoiled with Lululemon clothing and wish they would make maternity active wear, but they unfortunately, do not. Other women have to be struggling with this because we don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes we are only going to wear a short while, but we still want to be cute and fashionable. I mean even after having a baby you are not the size you want to be or will be after a few months. I don’t want to look like “a mom” for a whole year. I want to embrace my belly and growing butt and chest, but at the very least want to feel pretty in clothing and not try to cover up my size with tent size clothing.

Anyways, this is what I have been struggling with and was evident last night and today when I kept trying on different shorts and shirts and looking in the mirror and was very unhappy with what I was seeing. I am proud of my body, but I love when clothes fit appropriately and I feel more confident in my daily life when I feel good about myself. Maybe this is going to be my new business idea, but I am not in the fashion industry and do not feel confident in this area. I want someone else to create a beautiful maternity active fashion line so I can order or rent clothes while my body is ever changing for 9+ months. I want to take care of myself as much as I take care of my baby. I am worth it and so are all moms.

Matt got to see the baby move in my belly last night. He thought it was the coolest thing, ever! He asked me if it hurt? No, I said, it feels weird, but a good weird. He loves touching my belly and feel Luke move every day. I have definitely noticed my energy levels and productivity going up as of late. Matt has noticed too because a lot more things are getting done around the house and my organizational lists are being created again so he knows what he can do to help accomplish some of the tasks, daily without me having to ask/nag him. I never think I nag him, but he would disagree. I think he uses that word to annoy me or to stop asking him to do chores. The lists help that situation.

My workout last night was pretty good. It consisted of 3 workouts.


400 m Run, 30 Burpees, 20 Cal Row, 10 Chest 2 bar Pull-ups


400 m Row, 30 Box Jumps- 20”, 10 Burpee Pull-ups


400 m Row, 30 Single Arm DB Snatch 55, 30 Pull-ups, 400 m Row

The last workout I did not get to the 400 m row. The time ran out. It was a great pregnancy workout. Pull-ups are much harder, and Rowing and Running always make me need to go pee, but other than those things I controlled my breathing and the workout went smooth.

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