Driven Nutrition: Consistency Brings Success in a Tough Market

Driven Nutrition owner, Jason Rule sits down with certified Two-Brain mentor Jay Williams to discuss what it takes to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive market. Jason talks about how Driven became associated with CrossFit in the early stages of its development. Driven listened to its consumers and created supplements based on what gym owners and members said they needed. The trick was teaching gym owners that it is okay to make a profit.

Driven’s goal is to create a system in which its affiliates can thrive and grow. The trick was teaching gym owners that it is okay to make a profit. The driving force behind Driven is to help everyone involved succeed from gym owners to their members.

The systems implemented by Driven are always changing and refining to create a better more effective product to offer to gym owners to help in building up their retail success.


In This Episode Jason and Jay discuss:

  • Teaching Gym Owners Not to Fear Making Money
  • How to generate Referrals “Intentionally”
  • What Driven Does to Stand Out Against Competitors
  • The Mission of Driven Nutrition
  • Combatting Sleazy Competition and Doing What is Right
  • Learning From Setbacks
  • What Makes Driven Nutrition Different from other Supplement Companies
  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

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