To my dad,

I have to take a day to dedicate my blog post to how great of a dad I have and how much he has impacted my life. You see my dad is an athletic director and men’s basketball coach and has been for 25+ years. He has worked at Nebraska Christian College in Norfolk, NE and now, currently, at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO. He has impacted so many young men and women throughout his career because of his compassionate heart for people and his faith in God. You see I was a very stubborn, hard headed child, who didn’t listen to anybody who tried to control me or tell me what I could or couldn’t do. I remember time and time again I would be sent to my room for something I did and my dad came to my room every time to talk with me about why I was sent to my room and we talked about my behavior. I had many talks with my dad and I loved those talks because he treated me with such respect and love. I wanted to please my Dad in everything I did. I hated to disappoint him.

A little background on my dad. His name is Chris Lahm and married a feisty woman named Dawn Lahm. As I was growing up my dad never lost his patience with us or with mom that we could see, anyways. My other siblings watched my parents interact quite often and learned how a man should treat a wife/woman. He was captivated by her. He loved her so much and would do anything for her, but I don’t think she really noticed. We all noticed! She loved him too, but had a tougher time showing her love. I wanted to marry a man like my dad. My dad is pretty laid back and always care free or at least he plays the part well. I am sure it has to do with his faith in God and love for people.

He could care less about material possessions and would do anything for family. He communicates that more than anything. Family is the most important thing besides his personal relationship with the Lord. He doesn’t like to meddle if he doesn’t have to, but when we need him he shows us love, grace, compassion, and kindness. He will give us words of encouragement and pray for us daily. He will give us advice, but for the most part he encourages us to talk with our spouses and lean on God for direction.

I am a lot like my mother, feisty, stubborn, driven, perfectionist, competitive, never satisfied. I think that’s why my dad and I have always gotten along, we’re opposite personalities. I am not good at showing affections and I needed my dad to know how much I look up to him and want to raise our son, Luke, the way he raised me. I know Matt looks up to my dad too. Matt talks about my dad’s patience and he wants to be able to emulate that with Luke. My dad will have passed down what a great man should look like and act like for years and generations.

The reason I am dedicating this blog to my dad is how much he makes himself available to his children. He is willing to drive many hours to see us no matter what. The other day he wanted to meet up with me in Mount Vernon to have dinner and I had been struggling emotionally with life goals and Matt’s busy schedule. My dad listened to me and talked with me about different struggles and he encouraged me that God created me to be strong, independent, and passionate. Continue to dream and be patient. He has a way into my little heart and motivates me to take time to strive for God’s direction in my life and continue to support my husband.

This Mother’s Day I received a gift from my dad that means so much to me. I received a book called, “I Don’t Wait Anymore” by Grace Thornton. This book is like I wrote it and was made specifically for me, but I cannot write as well as Grace Thornton. It’s an amazing book of Letting Go of Expectations and Grasping God’s Adventure for your life. My dad has a heart to love and I am so grateful he is my dad.

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