Creatine the Powerhouse of Supplments

So you’re here to learn more about Creatine eh? Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most questioned supplements in the health and fitness space. This supplement has evolved so much over the years as it continues to get studied. There was a time where creatine was only for men, and now with scientific studies we have found out that creatine isn’t only for Men, women can enjoy the benefits of this powerful supplement as well.

Creatine is by far the most studied dietary supplement of the last quarter-century. Its safety and efficacy have been proven over and over. During high-energy demands, creatine is used to convert ADP into the fast fuel ATP, which is used for quick bursts of energy like sprinting and weightlifting. Supplementing with creatine allows you to add onto the creatine storages used for this process, increasing reps in the gym. Have you ever done a WOD and felt like the guy next to you was turning into the roadrunner cartoon with how fast he was blowing through the workout? Yea, he probably keeps up with his creatine intake. Because that’s what it’s for to really fuel your body and push your endurance to the next level.

When creatine is drawn into the muscle cells it also increases cell volume by pulling more water into the cell. With that hydration other nutrients like amino acids and electrolytes can be stored in greater volume. This larger volume helps build larger muscles and improves recovery. So that’s why you hear creatine haters saying “don’t take creatine you just get water weight”. Well yes while that is true, it’s probably the most efficient water weight you’ll ever carry. That water weight is helping your body absorb, and really intake the supplements you’re taking each day to help supplement your gains!

We know that increasing our creatine storage leads to the ability to produce more energy and hammer out the extra reps in the gym. By doing this, we create more muscle tissue damage and set up the potential to build a bigger, stronger, more powerful muscle fiber. As compared to not supplementing with creatine you might be working really hard toward those goals but your muscles are just breaking down with no help to properly recover, and grow.


Creatine consumption can decrease Myostatin levels in the muscle cells. Myostatin prevents muscle growth. Heavy strength training will lower your levels of Myostatin. Studies testing Myostatin levels of individuals lifting weights showed that levels were most reduced by those lifting AND taking creatine. This is why people say it has that steroid effect but it’s not a steroid to clear that rumor. Creatine pulls water into the muscle cell increasing cell volume it can also increase glycogen levels within the cell, and for those of you who don’t know what glycogen is. Glycogen is an energy store for your body so increasing the levels helps your body store more energy.

Research has shown creatine significantly increases power when supplemented in both sexes over a period of time up to 8 weeks. The power that is derived from a resistance training regimen appears to be up to 78.5% greater with creatine compared to a placebo. To keep in mind though these are studies on people who were supplementing with creatine on a daily basis. Please don’t expect to see results in 8 weeks but only taking your supplement every couple of days.

DRIVEN NUTRITION® uses proprietary micronization technology in Micronized CreatineTM, which results in particles 20 times smaller than standard Creatine Monohydrate. In this case, smaller particle size means a clean, white, extremely fine powder that is virtually tasteless and odorless and is more rapidly absorbed by the body. It offers what you need when you need it..

Beneficial to your BRAIN!

Get your Brain Gains! We know that creatine plays a crucial role in muscular strength. Supplementing with creatine adds to our ATP stores. This keeps more fuel in the tank ready to be converted for short burst muscular contractions.

There is promising research coming out about the effects creatine may have on our cognitive health. There may be a clear benefit to improving our short-term memory and reasoning on healthy individuals. Our brain makes up 2% of total body weight but uses around 20% of our body’s required energy. There may be potential benefits for age-related cognitive declining diseases.

Driven Nutrition MICRONIZED CREATINE™ is 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade creatine monohydrate. DRIVEN NUTRITION® uses proprietary micronization technology which creates particles 20 times smaller than standard monohydrate. This allows for better absorption and quicker transport through the body.




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