Contractions are coming in hot today! They are getting a tad more uncomfortable, and still irregular, but happening much closer together. The top half of my stomach is completely squishy because Luke has dropped all the way down to the pelvis. I have been walking as much as my feet will allow before they begin aching and swelling. I can still walk about 30 minutes before needing to elevate my feet to get the swelling out, but then they are fine after 5-10 minutes to start walking again.

I am so thankful for the rain today which has brought cooler weather outside even though my work has turned off the air conditioning in my building for the next three days. Yippee. I can’t catch a break with the cooler air. It’s making me tougher I suppose. It’s not, I complain more. Ha.

Matt and I had a great weekend together. We got everything and I mean everything ready to go. Vehicles are vacuumed and scrubbed, all baby clothing, blankets, sheets, bottles, and have been disinfected, washed, and sanitized.

We have decided to spend tomorrow going to a movie because we know that will not happen for a while unless of course we have a babysitter J I cannot believe we have less than 7 days before Luke will greet us. We are going to chat with the doctor tomorrow afternoon and see if I can be induced on Wednesday, July 27 since Matt has to go back to Michigan August 5. He will be able to spend a little more time with him before leaving. I don’t have a good feeling that the doctors will do that, but we will ask just in case.

I am doing better emotionally after my last post. However, my hormones are freaking out. I cry over everything. It’s not that I am sad or even have a reason for crying. I cry because I am happy or remember memories with my mom and dad, or singing at church. Matt was concerned at first until I told him to embrace the softer side of me for the time being. I am crying because I am content and so happy. I thought I was so tough, but this baby is making me soft. Don’t tell him, but Luke is making Matt emotional and soft as well. I guess having a baby is going to be good for the two of us.

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