Chicken or the Egg?

This question has been asked for centuries and we may never know the answer.

The same is true in business.

Here is why…

When a business opens, it is normally money poor and client hungry. Deprivation of what a business so badly needs to stay alive, causes it to act irrationally. Instead of building a brand, a connection and real depth with our prospects, we focus on, SELL, SELL SELL.

So which is the relevant question to ask in the chicken and egg analogy?

What comes first, brand or sales?

Let’s take a deeper look at the difference between the two.

Selling is the act of exchanging goods/services for payment. Sales are essential to build our business, pay rent and eventually grow our team.

Brand goes beyond simply the colors we use and the logo we have. Brand is the positive feeling we create with a prospect or client. A great brand makes constant deposits in the prospect/consumer bank to deepen trust and loyalty.

Too much selling and not enough brand leads to disgruntled clients, with little loyalty.

Too much brand and not enough sales leaves you with no clients and a business starving for money.

So what is the perfect mix?

50 | 50

So as the market continues to tighten up, ask yourself:

Are your outbound actions to prospects and clients weighted to heavily in one direction?

Sure, you may desperately need to add members but are you playing the short game of sell, sell sell or are you playing the long game of building wealth through brand?

Too much of one and not enough of the other and your business dies.

Not sure where you stand?

Scroll through your business Facebook wall. Look at your last 10 posts. How many are trying to create an action of getting started with you and how many are making a deposit of wealth into the community?

Above I wrote that there needs to be a 50 | 50 balance, however you need to consider the value of each action.

Each time you do a brand activity it makes a $1 contribution to your client bank. When you perform a sale activity, on the other hand, it withdrawals $5 from that same bank. You need make sure you’ve provided enough value to always have a positive balance in the bank.

It is important to note that your focus should be on helping others, creating smiles and solving problems. If you can crush that, when you go to make the sale, people will line up to buy.

What is the first step to brand?

Start by answering their most pressing questions.

I made a list of 17 blog topics ideas that are geared towards our prospects…

I took 20 minutes to brainstorm a few hot buttons.

1. You don’t go to the gym for a 6 pack

2. Why your Goal is holding you back from reaching your Goal.

3. Why it is possible to lose fat and still eat pizza.

4. Why your diet is doing the opposite of burning fat.

5. Why cardio isn’t the fat loss answer.

6. How to juggle kids, family, work and still make time for you.

7. Want to lean for life. Here is our 5 foods from [local store]

8. How men can raise their testosterone with these super foods.

9. Are your bath products lowering your Testosterone?

10. Do Organic Foods really matter?

11. Why grass fed meat matters.

12. Why carbs aren’t evil.

13. Are nuts the answer for fat loss?

14. The morning routine to jump start your fat loss and productivity.

15. Are you sabotaging your fat loss goal without evening knowing it?

16. Break room snacks that wont break the belt.

17. Why squatting is the king of the gym.

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