1. 1.
    a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, especially in sports.
    “a champion hurdler”
    synonyms: winner, titleholder, defending champion, gold medalist, titlist, record holder; More



I write this shortly after watching Brooke Wells do something completely unimaginable.  After ending day 1 with a 32nd placing in workout 2 of Central Regionals 2016.  Entering day two she was at an incredible disadvantage sitting 11th, what that meant was that she was not going to be in the fastest heat where she could really get pushed and observe the people in the coveted top 5 spots that go on to the Games.


What did Brooke do?  She came within .5 seconds of breaking the world record for Wod 3 placing 1st overall.  Then she went on in Wod 4 to take second place overall a mere 1.78 seconds behind Shelia Barden who one that event.  IN A DIFFERENT HEAT!



Why do we root for Champions?

It’s NOT because they always win…  Would Rich Froning be as endeared as he is if he hadn’t struggled during his first games appearance, that heart breaking rope climb and struggle… you can’t help but root for the person that comes back after a gut wrenching experience being so close to victory to only have it slip away.

We celebrate and love champions like Brooke because we experience their pain, we’ve walked in their shoes.  We see them go through a workout and see them struggle with a movement that, “CRAP if I just had this down I’d be so much better, faster, stronger!  WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!!!”

Then we see the champion.  She comes back the next day, with a smile, and a determined focus that allows her to make the day hers.

I don’t know where Brooke will end up after this weekend, she is currently sitting in 1st place overall and it’s a tight race, the points between 1st and 5th are slim.


What I do know, even if Brooke wasn’t a Driven athlete, I would still be a huge fan.

The heart and amazing competitive spirit of this young woman is inspiring.



Brooke is a champion regardless of this weekend’s outcome.

And I know the fans that experienced what they saw Brooke do today in the Greater Columbus Convention Center couldn’t agree more.




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