Can I take Protein Pre-Workout? – IsoDrive®

We know when we workout we break down muscle. Breaking down too much muscle puts us in a “catabolic” state, a state in which we are breaking down muscle faster than rebuilding. We want to avoid this muscle wasting process. So we feed our bodies protein.

So why protein before a workout? If you workout first thing in the morning it’s ideal to have protein before you go, to provide your muscles with the essential amino acids to reduce the effects of that catabolic state. This will also jump start your metabolism as well! Not all proteins are created for this pre-workout consumption.

Driven Nutrition ISODRIVE® is the perfect addition to your pre-workout regimen. ISODRIVE® is whey isolate protein, meaning it breaks down and digests faster in your system. This allows that stream of amino acids to hit your muscles sooner and engaging in repair and rebuild. ISODRIVE® is lactose-free preventing digestive issues caused by dairy.

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