Caloric Deficit? No Biggie, Just Drink your Protein!

Protein helps you lose fat? In a roundabout way. Protein is the most important nutrient when you are in a caloric deficit trying to lose body fat. The goal of losing bodyweight is to lose fat, not muscle mass. By eating enough protein you feed your muscles with amino acids and reducing the chances of your muscle is broken down.

Your body is stressed when you are in a caloric deficit and you are training. Don’t let cortisol break down your muscles for fuel. Put that coat of armor around your muscle mass. Keeping more muscle mass aids in your metabolism as well. Higher protein intake also helps you feel less hungry and you’re less likely to do late-night snacking.
A protein supplement on hand is a great way to sure up your protein needs. With a stable shelf life. It’s a chicken breast that you don’t have to rush to use before it goes bad! Cost per pound makes protein powder a cost-efficient backup to your whole food protein sources.If you have a hard time eating enough whole food protein, Driven Nutrition Driven Whey™ adds a delicious 23 grams per scoop!

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