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Most people know how important staying healthy is for your immune system, but few of us actually follow a regular regimen that keeps our immune system boosted. From using our favorite immune boosting supplements to cbd gummies. This important system has many jobs in the body; most importantly, it protects us from infections such as colds and flu by producing antibodies and T-cells to attack these foreign invaders. This immune response also helps protect against food allergies or autoimmune diseases like diabetes type 1.

We need help from other parts of the body too though – like the lungs, which filter out harmful substances our cells don’t need or use anymore (like dust particles).

The Role of The Immune System

The immune system is the protection of our bodies. It’s a complex network that consists of cells, tissues, and organs which work together to defend against disease-causing microorganisms in an effort to keep us healthy.

It has two main jobs: fighting off any infections as soon as they happen and remembering who those invaders are so it can destroy them if they come back again later on down the line. In order to fight off foreign invaders or even heal wounds.

As well as keeping us safe from illness, it also helps us by boosting our own strength when we’re under stress. Stressful events such as physical injury (or surgery), emotional trauma (like a divorce or the death of a loved one), immune cells release hormones that help them work better.

This is why people who are under stress can have increased immune system activity when they’re in the hospital and their systems may even be stronger than healthy individuals!

Boosting Your Immunity

The boost I’m talking about in this blog post might not come from just eating your favorite dish, but rather by introducing small changes to your lifestyle. It’s really important to maintain a well-balanced diet with enough fruit and vegetables every day for example, as it will give you more energy throughout the day – which means we won’t feel so tired after spending time on our feet at work all day long!

The immune system also needs rest too; getting just seven hours of sleep each night can reduce immune cell activity by up to 50%. This is why it’s important to get enough quality sleep, otherwise, it may not be able to work at its best.

Apart from a well-balanced diet and regular rest periods, there are other ways you can boost your immune system too! Taking time out of our busy schedules each day – whether that means taking some deep breaths or doing an exercise routine – will help us feel more relaxed about the challenges in life. And relaxation has been shown to have beneficial effects on immune function.

Harmful Effects On Your Health

There are many things that harm the immune system and make it weaker. If weakened by illness or injury, for example, it is not as effective at fighting off foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria. Other substances, including chemicals in food additives and preservatives, can also have detrimental effects.

Stressful events such as surgeries or emotional trauma can also weaken immune function. Depending on the intensity level of the stressor, the immune system may need a bit of time to recharge before it can work effectively again.


In order to stay healthy and immune system strong, we need to rest up after a hard workout. If we don’t take enough time to recover from working out too much, then it becomes weaker and less effective at fighting off infections. In other words, over-training can lead us to an unwanted sickness like a nagging cold, or worse if we’re not careful!

When you work out, your body reacts to the stressors placed upon it by exercise. It’s important that we recover to get the best results according to our goals. When we recover, we come back to a better stronger version of ourselves. The General Adaptation Syndrome explains our body’s response to exercise in 3 stages.

The first two stages explain the importance of the initial response to mechanical stress from training and how the body adapts to come back stronger. If we are left unchecked to continue training without efficient sleep, nutrition, and rest days, we enter the exhaustion stage.

In the exhaustion stage, your body has been in a state of arousal/stress for a continued time. Often, this state is from continuous under-recovered continuous training. Adaptability to stress and physical stimuli has reduced and stress levels remain high. Conditions are unfavorable for proper muscular and neural adaptations. This can lead to mental and physical fatigue and a compromised immune system leaving us susceptible to illness.

CBD For Your Immune System

People can use CBD oil or cbd gummies to treat chronic pain and help support immune system health. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids found in Cannabis, that has different medical benefits. You can extract it from hemp or marijuana plants. 

CBD works by activating immune system cells known as T-cells that have a key role in the immune response. These receptors are located on immune cells that attack bacteria and viruses, which helps stimulate your immune defenses against infections.

Chronic Inflammation Vs The Immune System

By now you probably realize that these systems inside our body are very complicated, as there are a lot of different immune cells that work together to protect us. Inflammation can also have a negative effect because it causes immune cells to fight against the inflammatory stimulus instead of fighting off bacteria and viruses. In fact, a lot of people say CBD been effective in treating their chronic inflammation issues

This is called an immune response. Inflammation most often occurs from over-exercise which then causes the immune system to respond with inflammation rather than protecting you from foreign substances like bacteria or viruses.

Like endogenous cannabinoids, CBD also has been found to support a healthy intestinal inflammatory response in human trials.* The key message here is that keeping the gut healthy supports overall immunity.*

Gut Health and The Immune System

It is now known that our immune system is highly connected to our GI tract. Excessive inflammation in the gut can lead to intestinal permeability, gut microbiota dysbiosis, and an impaired intestinal immune response. One way the body counteracts this is through the endocannabinoid system.

Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies

Immunity CBD gummies from Charlotte’s Web™ feature health superheroes Vitamin C from organic acerola extract and Vitamin D3, ready to help safeguard your body’s defenses*.

CBD supports healthy sleep cycles and offers relief from everyday stressors. Poor sleep and excessive stress are both detrimental to immune function, and CBD helps mitigate these factors.

Vitamin C from organic acerola extract. Acerola is a berry-rich in ascorbic acid and other potent antioxidants, thus giving it a “superfruit” status. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that helps protects cells from free radical oxidation and supports healthy immune function.

Vitamin D can be made by the body through the skin’s exposure to sunshine, or you can get it from food or dietary supplements. Vitamin D supports immune function and is essential for optimal wellness.

Charlottes web CBD gummies and oils come from full spectrum hemp plant. Full-spectrum means all of the components found in hemp are included. This includes CBD, terpenes, and other naturally occurring cannabinoids found in both female plants and male plants.

Charlotte’s Web uses full-spectrum hemp oil. Full-spectrum hemp typically contains CBD and the other naturally occurring cannabinoids found in both female plants and male plants.

Order Charlotte’s Web™ FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL Immunity Gummies Today!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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