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For most of our lives, we are all told how important it is to eat our greens! But with our busy daily life, it can be hard to make sure that we are getting enough greens each day. Packing a sandwich is easy. A kale, berry and beet salad, not so easy…This is where supplementing with B&G™ comes in handy to help boost our daily intake of leafy rich greens, whether it’s an extra addition to your morning smoothie or scoop with water you’re getting the equivalent of more than 10 serving! Just as they can help to boost our internal health, the ingredients in B&G™ work on our external health to brighten and even skin tone and restore hydration. In fact, there are probably too many benefits to list, but here goes!

Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels – If you have or are concerned about blood sugar problems, B&G™ could help you control them. alkaline foods are known to help stabilize blood sugar levels and the digestive enzymes keep your digestive system working efficiently processing carbohydrates.

Improved Digestion – Inflammation causes digestive problems and digestive problems lead to inflammation. It can be a spiral of problems if left unchecked. This inflammation can cause constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas. With a daily serving of B&G™, you are giving your body digestive enzymes and powerful strains of probiotics, which will help your digestion. Alleviating digestion issues and inflammation is the number 1 reason people report feeling better when taking B&G™.

Relief of Joint and Muscle Pain – So much of our overall health is tied to our gut health. With B&G™, you’re taking enzymes like protease, cellulase, amylase, amyloglucosidase, and lipase that help to decrease inflammation and the symptoms of joint pain caused by inflammation.

Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Pressure – If you want to have a healthy heart, doctors will tell you that you need to avoid red meat and fatty foods. The root of the problem is that these foods can slow down the digestive tract and again cause inflammation. This can lead to health problems like restricted blood flow throughout the body. Improving digestion and getting nutrient-rich blood flow throughout the body and to your heart and help control cholesterol and blood pressure.

Improved Memory – Organic spirulina, a green Japanese superfood extremely rich in antioxidants, is one of the main ingredients in B&G™. It’s commonly used by the Japanese to improve their memory, stay alert when they’re driving, improve their concentration and sharpen their mental skills. Glowing, Younger Looking Skin – To get better skin, many people often exclude gluten and dairy products from their diets. Yet again this is done to prevent inflammation. If you want to neutralize it, you need certain vegetables and fruits. But there’s one superfood – Kale, that has 2 nutrients – zeaxanthin and lutein, that does exactly that. Concentrated Kale is included in B&G™ along with skin-nourishing broccoli, beet juice, and carrots, your skin will be smoother than ever!

More Energetic – If you’re one of those people who need caffeine and/or energy drinks to keep up during the day, you might be suffering from…inflammation. Some alkaline foods like tomatoes, blueberries, apples, cherries, and kale are perfect for giving you the energy you need for the entire day and all of them are included in B&G™.

Weight Loss – If you’re struggling to lose weight and you just can’t no matter how hard you try, it could be partially due to inflammation. One way to fight this is through leafy green vegetables and dark-colored fruits, which are alkaline foods. Most of us can’t eat a few servings of vegetables and fruits in each meal. So, by taking B&G™, you will be taking _# different vegetables and fruits on each serving. This concentration could most definitely help you decrease inflammation, detoxify and lose weight!

While this shortlist may not have covered all of the benefits of B&G™ we hope we gave you some good reasons to add it to your daily regimen. Now you know why you were always pestered to eat your vegetables!

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