8 months ago I was nervous when I asked Mallory if she would be willing to put her experiences of pregnancy into a blog format.  I really hoped she would say yes.  The thought that an athlete competing at the highest levels would share her thoughts, worries, struggles, and joys was so compelling I felt it was worth a shot.

She instantly confirmed that the idea was solid one.  Instantly, she said, “Matt and I were just talking about this last night.  I was planning on talking with you to see if we could put a blog on Drivens’ site.”

So how do we start?  Mallory there are no constraints or requirements.

  • If you feel like sharing your thoughts for the day, do, if you don’t don’t.
  • I won’t change a word.
  • Be ready for people to reach out.  People will connect with your shared experiences.


In a day where marketing is about the best pics from a photoshoot, or prepping to make it seem as though you are always glam and have it together.

Mallory’s authenticity is a shining example of being yourself.

Her loyalty is the next part of this message and I hope you will take the time to read it.

Mallory has been part of our team over 4 years, her loyalty and selflessness, has given rise to a new idea.  This one isn’t for Mal or for us.  It is for Luke, it’s pretty simple, but is has the ability to have a huge impact on Luke’s future.

So here it goes.

For all of this week, for every Driven Nutrition supplement sold we will contribute $1 towards a college fund for Luke.  This goes for retail purchases as well as Affiliate purchasing at wholesale.


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