This past weekend was full of activity. I had friends spending the night to do the open 16.4 on Friday night. Which of course also leads to dinner after training. 16.4 was a great workout for me. I completed 198 reps. The workout was 55 Deadlifts at 155, 55 Wall Balls to 9’, 55 calorie row, and 55 Hand stand pushups. I modified the hand stand pushups to dumbbell push press. I did not scale any weight. That was a really fun workout for me. I thought I was keeping my heart rate down until after the workout when I was chatting with some members and had to sit down because I felt dizzy and light headed. I had to do that two times in a matter of 30 minutes. I recovered fine after 30 minutes. I even ate a delicious doughnut that was brought in for all of us. I am beginning to feel the baby every day multiple times a day moving around. It’s pretty cool. My belly is very noticeable now. There is no denying I am pregnant.

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My hormones are changing again. I have been feeling anxious and nervous lately. It might be because we had some friends in town for Matt’s baseball game and we went to dinner afterwards and they scared the living daylights out of the two of us. We barely spoke the next day because of how terrible they made having a baby sound. Matt tried to comfort me last night even though I know he is just as scared and anxious as me. I appreciated the effort. Matt and I need some encouragement that it may be difficult, but Matt and I are used to things being hard. Nothing in life is worth it if it doesn’t have some sort of challenges or difficulties. I wish people would keep their mouths shut sometimes. I love the realities, but do not over dramatize having the baby. Millions of people have done it and continue to reproduce so it must not be that terrible.

Ok, enough of my venting. I have been eating for a family of 6 lately. I cannot get full. This is not good. I am trying to not gain more than 25 lbs, but it is really hard. I want to eat all the food and not the healthy stuff. Carbohydrates are so good!

On a more fun note, Matt and I began wall papering the nursery. We finished the wall paper last night and we are very pleased with how it looks. It’s a light mint with shapes on it. I will attach some pictures so you can see the progress of the nursery. We also updated and reorganized our guest bedroom and office and are also working on the master bedroom. It’s pretty fun to redecorate and reorganize when I am actually in the mood to do it, which is very rare.

Two more days until Matt and I get to find out the sex of our baby!! I cannot wait. It’s going to be spectacular. We have our gender reveal already set up and ready for social media!

I am excited to finally acknowledge that it is my baby and feel a more personal connection with it.

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