Another good day! This morning I had a bunch of lower abdominal pain and pelvic floor pain especially when I worked out legs. I am hoping this pain will go away soon, but I am not too hopeful. I am being careful with how much weight I am lifting and really trying to not do exercises that over use my core muscles. Watching all these pregnant CrossFitters lifting and squatting at 38-40 weeks pregnant is encouraging, but painful to watch. I am pretty sure all women are different, but I cannot imagine squatting below parallel when I am 38 weeks pregnant. Maybe my body will be adjusted to pregnancy by then, but right now I hurt.

My workout yesterday went well. I did back squatting and hang dumbbell snatches, push-ups on my knees, and air squats. My round ligament pain acted up this morning. I am not assuming squatting below parallel is causing my round ligament pain and not pull-ups. I am going to try pull-ups again once my round ligament pain calms down and see if pull-ups make it hurt. I want to know what works and what I should avoid, but I don’t want to avoid it if at all possible. If it’s unsafe I will not do certain movements. Just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. I am learning as I am pregnant about my body and there is very little to no control over my body.

After doing a lot of research on round ligament pain it sounds like it will hurt so rest in a comfortable position. If I can withstand the pain will I harm anything? The research suggests, no you will not harm yourself or baby it will be uncomfortable. Well, I can do uncomfortable pain so I guess I will continue moving until I am told otherwise by my doctor. I am not going to lie this pain hurts it feels like my pubis bone is going to break in half. There is a constant deep burn and pressure in my pubis bone. Like I have mentioned before I can do muscle pain, but bone pain is a completely different story.

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