A Whole New 2:30 Feeling

 Do you battle the 2:30 feeling? It can stifle our productivity anywhere. If you are an early riser for work or exercise this can be a common theme. If you workout at night, the 2:30 feeling can be detrimental to your motivation causing you to drive by the gym and straight home!

Driven Nutrition DYSRUPT® is an energy-boosting and muscle protection product that will fight off fatigue and help your muscles repair and rebuild. DYSRUPT® has caffeine amount of a cup of coffee and the powerful impact of BCAAs. Taurine helps with the cellular function that fights the build-up of fatigue causing wastes.



DYSRUPT® is also a perfect option for a night time pre-workout with its light supply of caffeine that won’t keep you up. If you are a late evening or night time training individual, you may find it hard to make it to the gym after a long day of work. Our jobs can often zap our body’s energy creating the desire to just skip the gym and get straight to the couch. Since the couch isn’t necessarily the best way to get exercise, you need a way to combat the struggle.

The addition of Driven Nutrition DYSRUPT® is the perfect way to get into the gym after work and at night. DYSRUPT® offers 120mg of caffeine, a lighter dose compared to most pre-workouts that will not keep you up all night. Taurine is provided for waste removal during a workout adding some extra endurance. DYSRUPT® offers your muscles BCAAs to aid in the prevention of muscle breakdown while you workout and recovery.


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