37 weeks! I can’t believe I only have 3 weeks remaining. For the most part I feel really great. The pressure from my belly being so big causes me extreme fatigue from my belly to my toes. I am to the point where sleeping is a privilege. I can fall asleep ok, but Luke loves to move constantly and wake me up whenever I get comfortable. I will be extremely comfortable and about to fall asleep and Luke kicks or squeezes my bladder and I have to go to the bathroom. I know this is pretty typical in most women, but man it is annoying.

I had a great week in Kalamazoo, MI with Matt. The weather was awesome no humidity and temperature ranging from low 60’s in the morning to a high of 78 degrees and back down to low 60’s in the evening. I enjoyed the break from the extreme heat in Missouri.

Ok, so when I was in Michigan it wasn’t the best time I have ever had. I spent most of the days alone because Matt had to coach his baseball team. One of my most favorite memories I will always have is after his games we would go back to his apartment and all he wanted to do was relax and watch my belly move and talk to my stomach. He enjoyed trying to make him move. One night he was tickling Luke’s foot in my stomach and I wasn’t paying too much attention and all of a sudden Luke kicked hard and my stomach jumped 3 inches and Matt jumped up and ran down the stairs because he was completely freaked out. He asked, “Did you feel that?” “Of course” I answered back. It’s a weird sensation and sometimes is uncomfortable. He thought that was the most crazy thing he’d ever seen or felt. I will remember that always. I love that memory of Luke and his dad. It’s really fun to see Matt interact with Luke even if he’s in my belly. I can’t wait to see Matt be a dad! I feel emotional thinking of my husband and son together.

Matt was going to come home July 25, but because I have been in so much pain and really can’t get anything done I asked him to come home July 18 and for the first time without argument, he said, “I’ll be there.” I am so grateful he is going to be able to spend time with me without baseball, without school, and have 2 weeks of no obligations except to be with me or do something he wants to do. I do not want to be induced, but I may ask to be induced so Matt will be able to be around longer. Matt is leaving on August 5 to head back to Kalamazoo for the baseball playoffs and will be back August 19 when his season ends. I am grateful for all the family I have around to help with the transition.

Current Cravings: Water and Pears

I have been wanting ice cream really bad, but I have not given in yet. I am sure I will when Matt gets back, but for now I have not caved.

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