32 weeks! I have morning sickness again! Luckily is it only until noon or so. My baby is taking up so much room in my stomach that I have started to waddle. I try really hard not to, but by the end of the day or after a long workout I need to waddle. Luke sits really low and has started to turn. For a couple of weeks he was completely sideways and my stomach looked wide and wasn’t sticking out too far. And then the past week he has started turning and for about 20 minutes yesterday my stomach looked like a torpedo and it hurt terribly. I forgot to take a picture because of the pain this child put me in, but it didn’t last long. Everything I eat has started making me sick unless it is a fruit, vegetable, or protein. Anything processed that I consume I get incredibly sick for an hour or so after wards.

Luke’s nursery is finally completed and can’t wait to actually see him using his room! I can’t believe I only have 8 weeks left! It’s so surreal. I’m so excited to add a new member to the Lawson family, let the chaos begin.

It’s been a while since I have blogged because honestly nothing was to worth mentioning. I have not covered my birth plan or breast feeding plan yet, which I have been working on the past few weeks. Option A is to have a drug-free birth only if I do not have to be induced because I have heard being induced with Pitocin contractions are the strongest and you could be in labor for long hours. Option B is if I have to be induced, give me the epidural unless I progress quickly. I am not set one way or another for labor, but I am trying to get myself ready to have a hard, tedious, exhausting labor. I am aware it’s not glamorous and is exhausting.  I am trying to get my mind right with the amount of pain I am going to feel and be able to handle.

Sleeping is still pretty good. Somedays are harder to get comfortable than others, but I can still get a good night sleep one day out of three. I’ll take what I can get. I only have to wake up one time per night to go to the bathroom.


I have been trying to increase my walking since the doctor told me to. It still hurts so much to walk. When I say hurts, I mean it feels like someone is holding a match under my vagina and the stretching and burning I feel on top of my pubis bone feeling like it’s going to crack at any moment. That’s a lot of information right there, but giving you an idea of the pain I feel. That’s why by the end of the day I waddle. I do not want to feel that pain all the time. Sometimes I stand on my head upside down to try to use gravity to move Luke higher in my uterus, but it doesn’t work.

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