30 Weeks! I had my gestational diabetes test today and they told me in the next couple days if I don’t hear anything back that no news is good news. The baby’s heart rate was 151 and my blood pressure was 120/60. The sad news for me is that I have officially gain 22 lbs. I was hoping to only gain 25 lbs total. I don’t think that is going to happen. My stomach grew 1 cm since my last visit and should gain 1 cm every week for the next 10 weeks. I’m about to get large and in charge.

Ok so I have been working out and trying to walk quite a bit. I want to be real with you all. Working out takes every ounce of energy to get to the gym, modify the workouts, and go home to get more things done. Before I was pregnant exercise meant coming in with little energy and leaving with so much energy and endorphins. I would hang out with my friends because it was so fun to be around them all. Now, I want to get home to get my other chores done and get to bed. This last trimester is wiping me out. I am tired all day every day. Coffee helps for 30 minutes – 1 hour, but not enough for me to get a whole lot accomplished. This morning Matt left for Indianapolis for Missouri State’s Conference tournament. After the tournament he will then drive himself up to Kalamazoo, Michigan for the summer where he will be the head coach of the Northwoods league. It’s a big deal I guess! It’s a big step for him to get a paying coaching position someday. I am super proud of him. I was strong as we said our goodbyes. I didn’t shed a tear and I am going to take our separation one day at a time. I know he is having a hard time leaving me during this last 10 weeks. He downloaded a Winnie the Pooh book which he wants to read to Luke and I every night. Face time is a magical technology tool. We are about 90% finished with Luke’s nursery and we are thrilled with the turnout. He already has so many clothes and shoes to be stylin’ when he makes his arrival. I’m getting really anxious about meeting him. I cannot wait!

The cravings I have been having are as follows: Chipotle, spicy anything, Green Beans, Chocolate, Hot dogs, and pickles. The hot dogs craving is diminishing thankfully.

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