This week has been the most stressful week, not with any baby stuff or pregnancy, but with my job. I have been in meeting after meeting and haven’t had time to work out. My mental game is off and I am trying to be as positive as I can.


Good news, my 14- week check-up was fantastic. Baby’s heartbeat was 148, which is a lot lower than the previous 167. I’m pretty sure it was that high the first time because I had a cup of coffee before I went into the doctor. This time I didn’t drink any caffeinated substance.

I have already gained 7 lbs and I’m only at 14 weeks. I panicked in the doctor’s office asking if I am gaining too fast? She chuckled and told me, no. She said if I am worried about it expect to gain the majority of weight at 20-30 weeks and then intense bloating will occur the last 4 weeks. My jaw dropped and I looked at Matt with the most horrified look on my face. What is about to happen to my body? I thought to myself. I can do this, women do this all the time and there bodies look great after it is all said and done.


I went through all kinds of personal questions at this appointment. Questions like: are you constipated? Have you been nauseous? Have you been vomiting? Cramping? Edema? I got to answer I don’t have any of those symptoms anymore. What a relief. I know I am not out of the clear, but it is nice to have weeks where I feel decent. The only real side effect is my fatigue and exhaustion.


I have still been craving greens. Today I ate 2 cups of Kale and 3 cups of raw spinach leaves. It tastes so good to me. Matt is completely grossed out because I ate the kale this morning for breakfast.


My clothes are fitting a lot tighter and when I tell my mother this information she says how can your clothes get any tighter? She hates when I wear leggings. Anyways, my shirts are all snug. I am probably going to be moving to Matt’s shirts soon so I have room to move around in them.


I asked for maternity clothes for my birthday, which is next week. I am going to be turning 30 years old. Yikes. I tell my family I am only turning 25 for another year.


Well, I have another day of meetings and consultations. I am going to work out tomorrow. It may not be CrossFit, but I am finding time for me.

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