Well, what I thought was going to be a 2mile ruck turned into a 90 min ruck. Not a smart idea for this tailbone hurting lady. I made the voyage, but do I hurt today. My hips and knees are struggling this morning. I went to the chiropractor finally and he adjusted my coccyx and hips which felt pretty good and he told me I will probably need to be adjusted every 7-10 days. I know it wasn’t the smartest of me to do, but it was such a lovely day and I wanted to spend time with my friends. It was worth it even though I am hurting today.

I am going to be traveling around 3 hours today and I am hoping that my tailbone does alright and my sciatica doesn’t flare up. I will be sitting on my comfy pillow during my travel so that should help me be comfortable. I am going to see my mom, dad, and pick up my sister’s little girl, Myla from Kansas City. I love being able to be an aunt. It’s pretty fun to do all the fun stuff and not change any diapers, but I am pretty sure I will be changing diapers and I have never changed one. I am not going to tell my sister that until after I have picked her up and I am sure she will laugh her head off and then walk me through the course of action. I don’t know how I have never had to change a diaper, but I must be good at getting out of the responsibility. I’ll let you know how I do on my first diaper change.

Alright, I am going to post some baby belly pictures to show you my progress. I showed my friends from CrossFit yesterday and when I flexed my abs my stomach looks like there is an alien in my stomach. They were all super weirded out. I am that way too because it looks so funny when I flex. I will post a pic of my belly when it’s flexed.

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