1. Weight training and proper eating combined is the most direct way to build muscle.

2. Right living and quality rest contribute significantly to the lifter’s progress.

3. Genetic makeup is a determining factor in the structural and muscular development strength and rate of advancement.

4. Many people start weight training to achieve fitness goals, only to give up because they don’t reach their expectations quickly and because the activity is demanding.

5. Immature trainers pursuing extraordinary goals are easy prey for marketing hype.

6. Early weight training requires order in exercises, sets, reps, and practice as the lifter focuses on form, muscle engagement, discomfort, endurance, exercise groove, and pains.

7. Exercise and eating are basic and simple in form, yet tough in application.

8. Gain weight too fast and the lifter will gain fat. Lose weight too fast and the lifter will lose muscle.

9. Mankind’s failure to exercise and eat right is killing us.

10. External factors such as environment, gym atmosphere, support, and inspiration add greatly to the training process and to the outcome.

11. Muscle building is an ongoing process of discovery as development unfolds as plateaus, injuries, and obstacles are engaged.

12. Hypertrophy is caused by regular muscle overload. Too much overload can cause over-training or injury.

13. Advancements from pills packed with multi-syllable cutting-edge ingredients or advanced methodologies are best novel.

14. One of the best arguments for exercise and eating right is what if you don’t?

15. Muscle building is not limited to building physical health alone, as discipline, patience and perseverance are required to approach the activity. So, too, are, the rich qualities developed within.

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